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Loss of Smell (anosmia) is the New Sign of COVID-19, Doctors Say

US doctors have revealed a new symptom of Covid-19 which is “loss of smell”. They believe that this unpredicted loss of smell could be the first sign of this deadly infection. Which is why they have added this into their checklist for all coronavirus suspects.

The ENT experts say that losing the sense of smell is due to the swelling of olfactory mucosal lining caused by a coronavirus. This loss of smell could be a key indicator to diagnose coronavirus, especially in patients that do not exhibit any other symptoms. American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery has listed the initial symptoms of Covid-19 that now include loss of smell or loss of taste.

Dr. Simon Carney working at Southern ENT and Adelaide Sinus Centre say that these silent symptoms are often ignored during the screening. He says this could be the reason behind such widespread of coronavirus that is otherwise confusing. He says that anosmia or loss of smell needs more research to be added into general symptoms of COVID-19 infection. It has only been diagnosed in three patients from Germany and South Korea but none of the other patients.

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But medical experts from London have found that a large number of coronavirus patients have reported anosmia to be the only symptom that they have noticed and they were confirmed for coronavirus later on.

If this is true, this new symptom could be a helpful tool to identify coronavirus positive patients and might assist to control the highly prevalent coronavirus infection. Dr. Simon Carney says that the ENT experts from the UK are insisting to add anosmia as the new coronavirus infection symptom. He further says that Australia is now in such a position that it could take advantage of these new clinical findings and control the coronavirus spread, while it is still possible.

Rudy Gobert-Bourgarel, the national level basketball player is a recent victim of coronavirus. Among others, he was one prominent patient who reported a loss of smell and taste as a symptom of coronavirus. After conveying this to his doctors, it came to attention that many other patients have also reported similar symptoms.

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Anosmia or loss of taste is a common sign of cold and similar viral infections. However, it was not included in general symptoms of coronavirus published by official health departments. It is even prevalent in patients who don’t show any other common symptoms of coronavirus.

Medical experts and all medical centers could also use this new sign to identify otherwise asymptomatic coronavirus (Covid-19) cases. Patients, who suspect themselves of having coronavirus could also look for this new symptom so that they can get timely treatment.


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