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Spain Calls for Help from NATO After Coronavirus Takes 2,700 Lives

Spain is currently going through the worst phase of the coronavirus outbreak. The Spanish army tried to control this situation on its own but it seems like its unsuccessful in controlling the coronavirus cases as the total death toll has now reached 2,700 cases, infecting more than 40,000 people. As to Tuesday, the Spanish army has called out for help from NATO on humanitarian grounds.

As the virus continues to spread to more countries, Spain still remains one of the most affected areas by this pandemic. To this day, Spain has recorded the third highest deaths cases after the death reports have crossed 2,696 out of which 514 people are dead within the last 24 hours.

Although the country is under an unannounced lockdown, which was first observed on March 14th, the deaths and confirmed cases are continuously rising. Eventually, the army has to call for international assistance from NATO for help.

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Even with all these efforts on controlling the viral spread, the number of coronavirus patients is increasing every day, leading to 39,673 cases, as the Spanish health department has reported.  The health department also said that there is no way to determine if this lockdown is doing any help or not.

The health minister of Spain, Salvador Illa told in one of his TV interviews that;

“This is a very hard week because we’re in the first stages of overcoming the virus, a phase in which we are approaching the peak of the epidemic.”

Currently, Spain and many other countries are suffering from a shortage of all medical equipment and supplies used in testing coronavirus, treating and protecting the frontline healthcare workers while treating the patients.

NATO has announced in a statement that Spain has officially requested international assistance on humanitarian grounds. It needs medical supplies and essentials to overcome the spread of coronavirus in the common public as well as military men.

As to them, Spain has asked for some 450,000 respirators, and 500,000 quick testing kits of coronavirus, at least 500 ventilators and approximately 1.5 million surgical masks.

As the coronavirus affected patients are still raising, the Spanish PM, Pedro Sanchez has achieved a total parliamentary approval for increasing the period of lockdown in the country. The emergency is to be extended for two more weeks, till April 11th. This makes this lockdown till Easter.

The spokesperson of the Spanish government, Maria Jesus Montero said in a press conference that;  “We are aware of just how hard it is to prolong this situation, but it is absolutely imperative that we keep fighting the virus in order to win this battle.”

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She also said that; “Spain is in a decisive phase in responding to the crisis, a crisis which was testing Spanish society in the most unimaginable way. These are infinitely difficult days.”

The rapidly increasing cases of coronavirus have also shown that the medical system of the country could collapse easily, which is exactly happening right now. More than 5000 frontline workers are currently tested positive for coronavirus, making 12% of the total coronavirus cases in the country.

The Spanish health officials are sharing that this coronavirus pandemic is still out of control and the lockdown might extend even after Easter. Madrid is the most highly affected where 12,352 people are infected. Mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida says that funeral services at the city are overburdened.  “We don’t have the logistical capacity to carry out all the burials and cremations at the rate at which people are dying.”

This suggests the Spanish army call for international help valid. There is no information whether or not they are being helped any time soon but the international community expects Spain to be helped.



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