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UK might be facing a 6 month lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis

In response to controlling the spread of coronavirus in the United Kingdom, a senior health professional announced that the country could be in lockdown for an additional half year so as to forestall the coronavirus from returning. Dr Jenny Harries, Deputy Chief medical officer, said that the measures taken to prevent the spread might last till September.

One of the administration’s top coronavirus consultants conceded that the UK’s crisis will deteriorate before it shows signs of improvement however its pinnacle could pass by Easter. Neil Ferguson, a professor at Imperial College London, said that if the lockdown is implemented successfully, there will be an increase in the number of coronavirus patients that require intensive care for about a month, before the numbers start going down.

Neil presently says he thinks the NHS will be able to cope and adapt to the flare-up, gratitude to the stay-at-home measures that were set up this week.

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In spite of fears over an absence of intensive care beds and staff – due to getting sick, Ferguson disclosed to MPs that he is certain the health care administration will stay “within capacity” and that “strain would peak in approximately two to three weeks and then decline thereafter”.

However, NHS Provider’s CEO – responsible for representing hospitals across the country, shared that the medical staff is already under great stress from the large pool of patient’s it’s receiving and that the sudden boom would not be manageable.

The progression of the crisis and the predictions clearly indicate that the next two to three weeks might be tough for UK, however, things will eventually start to settle. This corresponds to the predictions made by a disease expert who anticipated Easter would be the end of the major wave of patients. However, the expert did include that the virus might return in fall.

Dr Harries told on the BBC Radio 4’s Women’s hour that the Government didn’t want individuals to change their ways of life for a superfluously significant time-frame. However, she included, “we don’t want to lift those measures [too soon] and find that we have a sudden upsurge and our efforts will have been wasted.”

Harris further continued, “Overall we are looking at a scenario of over a six-month period but not necessarily with a lock down of this level going on throughout that time. We are likely able to raise some of the measures as we go forward and keep in a very controlled pattern.”

The statement followed her Q&A session on Mumsnet where she said that the surging cases should be under control by Easter, which falls around 10th April. She stated: “What we hope is that in about two to three weeks, if people have continued to do as we have asked, and cut down their social interactions, we would start to see a change in the slop’e of the graph”.

She continued to talk about the subject saying, “That means the peak will be pushed forward, but the height of it will be lower and we can manage all those who need hospital and health care safely through our NHS.”

Dr Harries’ remarks propose the quick increment in new coronavirus patients per day could begin to level as its spread is eased back by individuals remaining at home and quarantining themselves.

In the previous week around 6,903 new instances of the coronavirus, as compared to 2,170 in the prior week, have been analyzed in the UK.

Since practically all the tests are being done in emergency clinics most of these individuals are requiring clinical care which has led to an added strain on the hospitals. Decreasing the quantity of new cases every week – regardless of whether it implies the general number is greater over the long haul – will make it simpler for the NHS to manage, and this is what the Government is attempting to accomplish by constraining individuals to remain at home.

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