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13 Years Old Boy Loses His Life, Shows Coronavirus is Deadly for People of All Ages

Coronavirus makes the headline again as a 13 years old boy in South London, UK has lost his life to this virus. This boy with no underlying health conditions or medical history shows that coronavirus could be deadly for all its patients. It is opposite to the initially proposed idea that it is only life-threatening for older people and those with underlying medical conditions.

After this news has been made to media, young people are now warned to maintain a more restricted social distancing. NHS UK has confirmed that this boy who was tested positive before his death had no underlying medical problems.

Dr. Jenny Harries the deputy chief medical officer, of the UK, says that such cases are actually a big shock not just for the victim’s relatives and friends but also for the general public.

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 Usually, kids especially teenagers are not evaluated for death risks even during a pandemic. So sometimes it is a mistake, not to consider yourself as a potential victim for a deadly virus that is extremely contagious.

Dr. Jenny said that young kids are also likely to get affected by the coronavirus pandemic and age really doesn’t matter here. She further advises that people of all ages should stay at home and follow social distancing and isolation as the government has instructed.

Before this death, 12 years old from Belgium has also lost her life to the coronavirus, marking the youngest patient of coronavirus to die. Teenagers getting infected and losing their lives shows that probably immunity is not the key factor to determine who is more likely to get infected. People with a good immune system can also get sick or die during this coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Ellie Cannon, a certified medical practitioner says that coronavirus didn’t seem to be so serious at the start but it has reached a peak now. She said;  “Every year otherwise healthy young people die from sepsis, and that too can start from a mild infection.”

Often times underlying medical conditions decrease immunity and the infection is much more severe for such a person as compared to an otherwise healthy person. When this viral load grows inside a person, it makes him sick and starts to appear through standard coronavirus symptoms. But the symptoms are severe in a person with a high load of these viral particles and less in a person with a low level of coronaviral particles inside his body.

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The reason these symptoms are severe in some people could also be explained as per their reach for medical assistance. The more they delay it, the more the symptoms would get severe. Among all patients, the most crucial symptom which accounts for most of the deaths is “shortness of breath” followed by fever and cough.

Breathing is a sensitive procedure and anything that hinders breathing is serious and needs immediate medical help and attention. The doctors can only help if the infected person reaches them on time. It means it is still possible for some people to recover from coronavirus if they reach a doctor on time.

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken all countries. While it is unusual for teenagers and young persons to die from coronavirus, the recent stats on coronavirus death shows that it is equally deadly for all, irrespective of their ages.

The only thing that all people need to remember is that coronavirus pandemic needs control by maintain a social distancing and hence reduced spread. coronavirus has never hit humans before which is why no one is 100% sure about it. so all that the government can currently do is to control its spread which might help to reduce the severity and death poll of this deadly infection.

Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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