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Australian Plane Delivering Pizza and Beer to Corona-affected Areas

A local area in Australia is currently under extreme isolation as the coronavirus hits it hard. But surprisingly, the locals are enjoying pizza and beer delivery by an airplane. The Dunmarra Wayside Inn is just another local diner located in the North of Australia. But it has now started to use a small aircraft with fixed wings to deliver its orders by air. Right now, this is just a trial takeaway but there are chances of it being a weekly ritual to faraway areas.

The manager of Wayside Inn, Ben Anderson said; “The station that we did send them to absolutely loved them, so much that they ate them for breakfast the next morning,”

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The diner is trying to make its service available during this tragic and stressful quarantine period. Anderson also told; “We’ve put in a massive pizza oven, which we kept extremely secret.

This news of air delivery has made to all local and international media. As soon as this news was out Anderson spent the next 24 hours attending calls from media reporters to confirm this news. A radio station, in particular, asked if they could deliver at their location which was in Perth, nearly 3,000 kilometers or 1,800 miles from the diner’s location. However, Anderson shared that he has told them that it is a little far away from their delivery range.

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Right now, this service is only limited to 100 kilometers range of the diner.

This idea of air delivery was planned after the country-imposed travel restrictions due to coronavirus spread. during this peak tourism season when the public places are usually full of tourists and hotel rooms are booked in advance, there is no one to see these days.

Travel in Northern Australia is banned as a part of a control strategy for coronavirus. However, it has left all indigenous communities locked at their houses as they are at high risk of getting this infection as well as overall chronic health problems.

This idea to deliver pizza, beer and other essentials to the faraway areas is less about business and more about supporting the local communities. Gary Frost, the owner of Wayside Inn told a national news source;  “We’re just doing it as a friendly gesture to try and help people out.

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During this time when most of the countries are under lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, air delivery sounds like a good surprise. Anderson said;  “I said to the boss, maybe we should just get parachutes and drop them out the sky but you never know where they’re gonna end up”.

So far, there are 5,350 corona positive cases in Australia, out of which 585 have recovered and 28 have died. The Australian government has requested all citizens to self-isolate themselves sin their houses. The following guidelines are shared by the Department of Health on self-isolation.

  • All COVId-19 positive patients must self-isolate unless they recover.
  • All people who are currently being tested or result awaiting must self-isolate.
  • All people who are in contact with a corona positive patient must follow it.
  • If you are traveling from any place, you are required to follow a 14-day isolation period.
  • If you have returned from abroad, follow the 14-day isolation and see if you have any symptoms.



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