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Did China Start Coronavirus Pandemic To Game Up With United States?

As the world is grappling with the human and economic devastation being brought by the novel coronavirus pandemic, not even the relationship between China and the United States is being spared. However, China and the US cannot allow their competition and rising tensions to hinder efforts to battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once this global emergency is over, there will enough time to figure out the possible ways in which China endangered the whole world by covering up the initial epidemic. The world is currently focused to fight this pandemic.

There are many conspiracy theories on this outbreak. Some are saying it is a human-made virus and it is made in a Chinese laboratory. People are calling it a Chinese virus, as the outbreak starts in China.

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President Donald Trump and some other elected officials have named it as the “Chinese virus”. One of the White House officials called it the “Kung Flu”. Every day a new conspiracy theory about the source of the novel coronavirus is highlighted. The Republican senator Tom Cotton hinted that SARS-CoV-2 could be a bioweapon created by China.

It is really important to the facts right. The outbreak started in China. In the early days of the outbreak, doctors tried to sound the alarm but they were not allowed. As the virus spread and became the epidemic, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) censored many of those who tried to raise the alarm. The party’s botched initial response to the outbreak probably made it a far worse pandemic.

Beijing has committed the sins of commission and omission as well. The officials covered up the outbreak and extent of spread of virus for weeks and also rejected the offer sent for Disease Control and Prevention for sending in the team of experts.

The trend of COVID-19 spread in the whole world after the outbreak in China is not understandable and looks so suspicious and weird. The outbreak started in Wuhan and became an epidemic by infecting 81,620 people and killing 3,322. From China, the virus has been transmitted to 204 countries and became pandemic.

The Chinese government has announced they have controlled the outbreak and there are no more new cases of the novel coronavirus. How could they do it so quickly particularly when it is a source and without having all the genetic information? There are many speculations about this. Some people say the virus was purposely made by China.

The question, how did they control the situation so quickly after infecting the whole world and the world is still battling against the virus, has raised so many speculations and conspiracy theories. It seems that China was already prepared for this pandemic as hospitals of 12,000 beds was constructed in just two weeks.

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There are some speculations that China started this outbreak to strengthen its economy and to rule the world. This statement has stroked the minds as it is a little convincing according to the scenario. Due to the lack of trade of companies created by Europe and the U.S that are based in China, their shares fall 40% of their actual value. Surprisingly, China has bought 30% of the shares of those companies at a very low price.

All these facts are somehow convincing about speculations. Due to COVID-19, western companies went down dramatically and China took advantage and bolstered its economy by buying them. China has strengthened its position by having all the technological potential and will sell things to the western countries at higher prices. Now the western countries are financially defeated and stunned by the pandemic. Isn’t it masterfully diabolic?

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