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Viral Video Showing a Couple Having Sex in South London Park While the Whole Country is Under Coronavirus Lockdown

This weekend, a jogger spotted a couple in between long grass in South Norwood Country Park, Croydon right in the middle of having sex in public despite having a nationwide coronavirus lockdown. The couple was filmed for 13 seconds by the jogger who was disgusted and surprised to see it.  The jogger identified as a middle-aged woman says that she left her house for jogging, around 2 pm on Saturday.

She spotted two people performing public sex in South Norwood Country Park. She was rather shocked to see the couple as there were more people around as well. She says; “It was in plain sight and children were around. So much for staying home and saving lives. Disgusting!”

The viral video is second after another couple were also performing sex in  Derby, near the flats and that too in broad sunlight.  This previous couple was first seen by a local businessman who was surprised and reportedly shouted “That is not two meters!” to them.

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The businessman, identified as Ahmad Zeidan shared that it took only a few seconds to realize that the couple is doing a lot more than what the government has allowed in coronavirus lockdown.

As they were not following the government orders, I had to shout and tell it to them.

The entire UK is facing coronavirus lockdown for the last two weeks. This is a strict government policy that prohibits all non-essential markets, and shops to remain shut, and no more than two people are to be together in public.

The people are advised to go out only once in 24 hours to do moderate exercise, as gyms are closed. However, both these couples have ignored government orders completely.

London Police has also reported breaking into a birthday party which had nearly 25 guests. The party was forced to end and people were sent to their homes. Also, they closed down the Brockwell Park in Lambeth when thousands of people were spotted in the park.

To this day, the UK has confirmed 4,974 deaths by Coronavirus. While more than 47,806 are confirmed for being coronavirus positive. This number of infected patients is increasing every day, says Department of Health and Social Care.

the British government imposed a number of restrictions to control the coronavirus spread in the country. Matt Hancock, the secretary health warns about these rules to get more strict i.e. banning outdoor exercise if people do not comply with the social distancing rules.

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The death toll by coronavirus has increased where the majority of them were from England. Scotland has reported 220 deaths caused by coronavirus while Wales has reported 166. The total number of deaths in  Northern Ireland is 63 deaths so far.

However all these figures in news mention only those deaths which were reported by the local hospitals. It does not include people who have died in care homes or people who died in their homes. The truth is that coronavirus deaths might be much higher as the statistics report.

This number of coronavirus deaths in the UK is still lesser than many other European countries such as Italy, which has 124,000 coronavirus positive cases and more than 15,000  confirmed deaths. While these deaths are decreasing in Italy, the number is rising in the UK, every day.

More and more people are currently being tested for coronavirus. The British government is under lots of pressure and criticism for not having sufficient testing kits and inability to check their staff members for testing against coronavirus, despite having symptoms.

Last week, Matt Hancock announced that there would be 100,000  coronavirus tests every day by the end of this month. Right now, the daily tests in the UK are far behind many countries such as South Korea.

The government advises all people to follow the below-listed guidelines. It applies to even those people who have no symptoms.

  • Stay at home
  • Do not go out except buying essentials or medicines
  • Maintain social distancing with everyone.
  • A public gathering of more than two people is strictly prohibited.
  • Avoid traveling without a reason.
  • Work from home.


Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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