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Meet 104 Years Old Granny Who Survived Spanish Flu and COVID-19

Italian woman, Ada Zanusso is the world’s oldest human who survives COVID-19. Amazed health care professionals have addressed her recovery as a sign of hope and great joy.

104 years old Ada fell ill on March 17 at her nursing home in northern Italy. This deadly virus has already killed her 20 fellow residents. Ada was vomiting and struggling for proper breathing. She was tested positive for coronavirus. One of her sons, Giampiero said he suspected that it was deadly coronavirus due to the number of infected cases at the nursing home. She has also survived the 1918 Spanish Flu.

Ada’s doctor, Carla Furno Marchese said that she is fine, not lying in her bed and she can also walk to her chair. She hasn’t lost any of her intelligence and lucidity. The doctor added that her recovery is a sign of good hope for people who are suffering and dealing with the virus.

Two women of age 103 have recovered previously, one of Wuhan, Zhang Guangfen and an unnamed Iranian.

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Great-gran Rita Reynolds is believed to be the oldest Brit to survive the coronavirus, aged 99. She became ill last month and was tested positive with the virus. Her family had been warned for expecting the worst as her condition became critical.

Italian officials said they may ease the restrictions soon as the daily death toll decreases. 525 fatalities due to coronavirus were reported yesterday by the civil protection service and it was the lowest of the Mediterranean country since 427 fatalities were reported on March 19.

They represented a 23 percent decline from 681 deaths which were reported on Saturday. Director of ISS National Health Institute, Silvio Brusferro said the curve is going down and the number of fatalities has begun to drop. In reference to ease national lockdown, he added if in the coming days these data are confirmed, they will start considering phase two. The country’s second phase of fighting against the virus which has killed 15,887 people can be trickier than the first one.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte decided to sacrifice the economy in a battle against the biggest crisis in ages for the public health’s benefit. The country of 60 million people has become the first Western liberal government that has voluntarily closed all the businesses and ban gatherings.

Health officials reported the decline in the number of non-critical cases as the number declined from 29,019 to 28,949. The number of COVID-19 critical patients declined from 3,994 on Saturday to 3,977 on Sunday, another successive decline. But the hit to the economy will be immense.

One of the country’s big industry Confindustria estimated that production will be decreased by 6 percent this year if the lockdown remains. PM Conte’s Government is expected to announce emergency support ways for families and small businesses that expand on the 25 billion euro programmed which was unveiled that previous month.

Health officials are extremely cautious as they know the death toll is declining because most people are distancing and self-isolating. Chief of civil protection service, Angelo Borrelli said the decline in the reported death is good news but he warned about not letting their guard down.

The Italian government is also planning for building more COVID-19 specific hospitals across the country. The final proposal of the government involves the use of phone apps for strengthening contact tracing, a controversial action opposed by many privacy advocates that have been tried in nations such as Israel and South Korea.

Italian media said that authorities were preparing a five-point plan which will open up businesses in stages while maintaining social distancing measures.

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