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 Is China Lying and Covering up COVID-19 Facts?

Recently, a meeting on the COVID-19 crisis was held between President Xi Jinping and the director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Tedros Adhanom and the Great Hall of the People was chosen as the venue.

Chinese authorities who initially detained the doctors who sought to raise the alarm and covered up the crucial data and rejected the help from foreign experts have finally confessed that this mysterious virus might be spread by humans.

President Xi insisted that country’s top priority was the health of its public. He declared that the novel coronavirus epidemic is a devil and the state will not hide it. Yet he gave this statement in those crucial days of late January, this was just hypocrisy from the president of the repressive regime, who was guilty of his dark deeds bringing devastating consequences around the world.

Tedros, who had prevented the World Health organization from declaring COVID-19 outbreak a public health emergency, offered no rebuff. Instead, he praised the transparency and leadership of the Chinese president. He also declared that they are setting a new standard for coronavirus outbreak response and said that China deserved to be praised and congratulated for protecting the world.

Shocking words from the head of an organization that is responsible for protecting global health. Tedros and some top officials have promoted the misrepresentation of China, the hero of coronavirus pandemic.

Chinese analyst, Kristine Lee said Tedros praised the handling of China even though its authorities silenced the people who sought to alert people and prevented WHO’ officials from investigating the epidemic in the earlier weeks. There is a clear image coming out of the WHO that satisfies to the Chinese president’s view about the handling of coronavirus by his country.

Novel coronavirus sparks the global catastrophe as there are fears and speculations that a person leads the WHO is funded by the United States and Britain is promoting China’s interests. His comments praising China for the commendable handling of the outbreak are the reality of the circumstances.

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Similar concerns and speculations are heard in other countries, especially in the United States. Republican senator Marco Rubio said that he is disturbed by how WHO parroted the lies of China and also accused Tedros of falsehood and favoritism.

Previously, the Ethiopian, having a doctorate in philosophy from Nottingham University, was a senior figure in one of the most repressive African regimes that were strongly encouraged by Beijing. He got the top job at the world health organization with Chinese support in spite of controversy during his time as a health minister and contested claims about the hiding cholera outbreak in the country.

Deputy prime minister of Japan, Taro Aso is also searing in criticism. He accused the WHO of being failed to protect public health and said the organization should change its name to ‘Chinese Health Organization.’ The flawed coordination of the WHO towards this public health threat aroused his anger.

China has failed in clamping down on the wild animal markets that are blamed for harboring the new virus, in spite of having similar SARS outbreak in 2002 and also hindered efforts for containing the outbreak for many crucial weeks.

Taiwan’s vice president, Chen Chien-Jen said the failure of WHO in obtaining first-hand information on a human to human transmission of COVID-19 led to the delay. The opportunity to raise alerts in China and other countries around the world was lost.

The WHO confirms about getting an email mentioning the news of cases atypical pneumonia in Wuhan and that authorities said it was not SARS but denies any mention of healthcare staff becoming ill.

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