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Is WHO’s Director Resigning over the China’s Corona cover-up Story?

The World Health Organization’s director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is facing criticism from the US politicians, asking him to resign for allowing China to cover up the true impact of COVID-19 outbreak and the way the Chinese respond to the outbreak was managed.

Republican Senator Martha McSally said Tedros should give resignation for the ‘Chinese cover-up’. She said that he is partly blamed for the lack of transparency in China. She claimed that he deceived the world and even congratulated China on its exemplary handling and praised its transparency during its response to coronavirus, despite a lot of evidence proving the regime hide the severity of the coronavirus outbreak.

McSally added that the cover-up of the coronavirus by the Chinese government has caused unnecessary fatalities around the United States and around the world. She also calls for the resignation of Dr. Tedros. His deception has cost millions of lives.

In February, when there were 17,238 confirmed cases and 361 deaths in China, Dr. Tedros denied the need for travel restrictions. He said preventive measures that interfere with international trade and travel were not required in trying to stop the virus spread.

China has also been accused of hiding the actual number of cases, some estimates suggest the death toll might be as high as 40,000. China has officially reported more than 81,000 confirmed cases and more than 3,300 fatalities.

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But activists working in Wuhan, claimed mortuaries are handling 500 dead bodies a day each, which is more than required for 2,548 official deaths because of the coronavirus. Long queues at the mortuaries have ignited the skepticism about the number of cases, prompting claiming that more than 42,000 people might have died in Wuhan alone.

China has recorded 81,708 cases and 3,331 deaths but many people have speculated that a number of cases are much bigger than this and their officials are trying to cover up the true reality. Deceit over the source of the outbreak and delay in the handling cost thousands of precious lives not only in China but all over the world. Skepticism about the actual number of COVID-19 cases in China has swirled throughout the pandemic, fueled by the general distrust of the government and efforts to conceal the news in the early days.

A doctor, who sought to set the alarm and first alerted the world to the escalating pressure within Hubei, was warranted by police and medical authorities. Dr. Li Wenliang was called in by the medical authorities and police and was forced to denounce his warning as an illegal rumor in early January. He later died of the virus. The health system was overwhelmed and hospitals were overflowed. There weren’t enough testing kits and patients were sent home. Some died at home before tested, since there were not enough beds in hospitals to admit them.

Hsu Li Yang who is leading the infectious diseases program at the National University of Singapore said, the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases by country is like a grim league table and catching the attention of many.

Texan Republican Senator, Ted Cruz also joined calls for the resignation of Tedros. His spokesman told that the WHO has been bent to the will of the Communist Party at the expense of global health and to contain the virus spread, from downplaying the virus extent to consistently excluding Taiwan.

 Marco Rubio also joined calls for the WHO for considering the resignation of Tedros and said that he should be held accountable for his misdeeds. He said that once the situation gets under control,  the WHO leadership will be held accountable that includes director Tedros who allowed Chinese communists to use the WHO for misleading the global community.

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