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Pornhub Reports an Extremely High Traffic During this COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus has affected all aspects of human life. The economy is shaken, borders are closed, businesses are at the downturn. But there is one business that is not turning down, in fact, it is reporting a high increase in online traffic and that’s the pornography.

Pornhub is the biggest porn website of the world and it has recently shared an 18% increase in their online traffic, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has started.  The website has recently made all it’s a premium quality free for everyone. This offer would last for 30 days and all users can enjoy it, during the lockdown. It is believed that this high traffic is generated as people are staying indoors, practicing social distancing.

There are many reasons why people prefer watching porn but most importantly, it’s the sexual pleasure that seeks.  A review report published in 2019 explains the scientific analysis of what motivates people to watch porn. It said that sexual arousal was the most common reason behind watching porn.

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But that’s not all; there are more reasons that might explain this porn culture. Anyone who has been under stress might need to ease his stress and watch something that improves his mood such as porn. People who are lonely, or living alone also find pornography a great pleasure and time pass. It concludes that people take help from pornography to overcome their negative feelings, loneliness, and stress. Masturbation to porn relieves all these for sometimes.

Many psychologists also argue that watching porn is not always a need; sometimes people are just bored and they watch porn to get over it. But the relationship and function between these two factors is somehow exponential. Which explains why more and more people are watching porn during this COVID-19 pandemic. They are bored and they need to do anything that passes their time.

It arises a new question, is watching porn for time pass safe for health? Are there any side effects that might hit in later years? The thing is that this whole virus spread, social distancing, lockdown, and isolation is making people stressful and lonely. Considering this, high demand for porn websites like PornHub is justified.

On the porn-related side effects, many anti-porn groups and activists have shared their concern about the potential problems. Watching porn frequently might make a person addicted to it. it may also cause sexual dysfunction, loss of libido and sexual urge in the coming years.

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Although there is no sufficient data to prove these side effects it is a well-known fact that excessive masturbation impairs the sexual functions of a person. Speaking of that, it is rare to hear anyone blaming porn websites for their impaired sexual health. Even some of the daily porn watchers live without a health problem.

Some researches from the past showed a link between watching porn and its side effects. For example, people who watch porn more frequently didn’t feel sexually satisfied. But this recent trend of pornographic websites doesn’t tell about the sexual satisfaction of these porn watchers.

As pornography is generally attributed to men but women also watch porn and surprisingly, the link of pornographic websites on women’s health is uncertain and vague. Some people believe that watching porn makes them feel satisfied but others report the exact opposite of it. All in all, there is limited data to predict the nature of this relation between porn websites and the sexual health of a person.

But one thing is clear here that people who are watching porn during this lockdown are certainly feeling bored. Not all of them necessarily need it for sexual pleasure, they are only watching it for passing time. So watching porn not always invite sexual health problems. For now, it is more of a distraction from the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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