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10 Most Common and Dangerous Mistakes While Using Condoms

Medical experts suggest using condoms to all the couples for protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancy. But only using the condoms is not enough, unless one knows how to use them correctly. As it is not much likely that everyone knows how to use a condom correctly, there are some common and dangerous mistakes that people make while using condoms.

Most people are unsure about how to use a condom. As there is a long love-hate debate on condom usage, it is necessary to understand that it is for your own safety. Some people don’t prefer using a condom as to them, which affects sensation and it is hard to put on and remove with all that smell and mess.

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Yes, using condoms correctly might be a problem but the good thing is that they are super handy especially for unplanned intercourse. It not only helps to prevent pregnancy but also saves from sexually transmitted diseases that hit nearly half of the population of the world at any stage of life.

Here are the 10 most common and dangerous mistakes that people do while using a condom.

  1. Not using it

The biggest mistake of condoms is not using it. Keep its smell, texture and other problems aside and prioritize your sexual health over a one-time pleasure.

  1. Not checking the condom

More than 75% of people do not check the condom before using it. If you are keeping it in your pocket or purse for long, there are chances for the condom to be torn. Also, many people open condom packs with their teeth or fingernails and they don’t realize that they are actually damaging the condom. So make sure that you have checked the condom for holes before putting it on.

  1. Not bothering the expiry date

Do you realize that the expiry date on any product tells you about the time where this product would give its best results? Most of the people don’t bother to read the expiry date of a condom. And no, it is not the same as the manufacturing date. Normally, plain condoms can be effective for nearly five years but if they are spermicide, they won’t last more than two years. Sometimes the latex breaks itself, shows tears or becomes stickier and more brittle. If you see this, discard it immediately and use a freshly manufactured condom.

  1. Not discussing it with your partner

Though sounds unlikely but more than 60% of people don’t like it when they see their partner taking out a condom at the most heated moment. It suggests that they haven’t discussed it beforehand which is bad for both your relationship and sexual health. Try to discuss it with your partner beforehand and practice safe sex only.

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  1. Not using it at the right moment

Several sexual behavioral studies have shown that people don’t realize when to put on a condom. Some of them even use it after penetrating casually. For them using a condom is only necessary before ejaculation which is not right. Sperms can be released even before the final thing happens and may lead to pregnancy or std. So the ideal time to put on a condom is before penetration.

  1. Not leaving the room for sperms

Many condom users have shared that condom is uncomfortable for them. Well, the reason is that they are putting it the wrong way. Ideally, one needs to squeeze the tip carefully and gently so that there is no air inside. Leave some space for the ejaculation or else the condom would break right after you release inside your partner.

  1. Not wearing it properly

Many people wear the condom inside out without even realizing it. They don’t know that this inner side is much likely to slide even between a heated session. A standard condom has its length rolled up and is worn length-wise. Trying another way to wear it would simply break it.

  1. Break it while handling

Condom breaking is common and its not always the fault of the guy. Sometimes its manufacturer’s defect, or damaged by pressure or heat. So, when one tries to wear it, it tears apart. In addition to that, using oily lubricants underneath a condom can make it break. Instead use mild lubricants, preferably that are water-based.

  1. Sliding of condom

A condom slippery during the sex is much likely to happen if it is not worn correctly or it doesn’t fit properly. Condoms come in a variety of sizes and fits. Buy the one that fits best so that it doesn’t slide next time.

  1. Removing it before you finish

This is not a wise idea to do on purpose. But sometimes losing an erection makes a person remove the condom before ejaculation. Make sure to discard it on time and do not use the same condom for the second time.



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