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COVID-19 Death Toll In UK Could Be 15 % Higher Than Official Figures

New official data show 21 per cent of all fatalities in Wales and England up to April 3 were caused by the novel coronavirus. 5,979 registered fatalities mentioned coronavirus on the death certificates while 5,186 fatalities were reported in hospitals at the same time. It shows 793 deaths due to coronavirus occur outside the hospitals.

The Office of National Statistics’s head of health analysis and life event, Nick Stipe said that looking at England’s data there is 15 per cent higher number of deaths than the NHS numbers as the death certificates mentioned novel coronavirus disease. The 16,387 registered deaths in England and Wales up to April 3 is the highest weekly death toll since they started compiling data of weekly deaths in 2005.

The ONS collects data where COVID-19 is mentioned on the death certificates, including in combination with other health illnesses. Novel coronavirus was listed as a reason of 21 per cent of all deaths in the week up to April 3 in England and Wales but total 6,235 registered to April 11. Total 16,387 fatalities were registered in the same period in both countries. The rise of 5,246 deaths was registered in the previous week. They found that 406 fatalities occurred outside hospitals.

The equivalent number of deaths in hospitals over the same period 3,716. 217 of these occurred in care homes. The further 136 deaths occurred in homes, 33 occurred in hospices and three deaths occurred in communal establishments. In London, almost half of the deaths mentioned COVID-19. West Midlands was the second-highest hotspot of novel coronavirus with 22.1 per cent deaths, followed by North West England with 19.6 per cent deaths. South East England reported 17.7 per cent of all deaths due to the virus. The South West had the lowest with 10.2 per cent deaths.

The findings also reveal that more men are dying due to this virus as compared to women. No deaths were reported in people under the age 15 due to novel coronavirus up to April 3, while the more of several fatalities, 1,231 occurred in the people with age ranging from 75 to 84.

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The latest data from the ONS don’t include Scotland and Northern Ireland so the real number of deaths in the United Kingdom will be higher. The researchers look at hidden deaths due to coronavirus or suspected cause but the victim has not tested positive for it. Most deaths due to coronavirus in Britain’s recent total of 11,329 fatalities have occurred in the previous two weeks and as the pandemic is gathering pace, expected figures in the coming week could be even higher.

As the number of deaths due to coronavirus has increased tenfold in the care homes in one week, an ex-minister warned that vulnerable residents have been left like lambs to the slaughterhouse. Former minister, Baroness Altmann also said the novel coronavirus crisis how the most vulnerable member of society was being treated unfairly. More than 300 residents have died because of suspected COVID-19 at one of the biggest care home companies in the United Kingdom.

Executive chairman of HC One, David Behan said that almost two-thirds of their firm’s homes have novel coronavirus outbreak with 2,447 cases, both confirmed and suspected. The warning came as 13 residents died due to novel coronavirus in a home in Stanley. The death toll of Co Durhan and the national care home may already have topped thousand. As the lockdown is to be extended for the next 3 weeks amid the fears of pandemic’s peak is still days away.

Dominic Raab is set to announce that restrictions will remain in place until May 7. He announced that the UK was still not past the virus peal and warned of the long way to fight against the novel coronavirus.

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