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China is Refusing all Allegations that the Novel Coronavirus Could Have Originated from a Research Lab

Mike Pompeo, secretary of state has demanded the truth from China about the origin of coronavirus if it escaped from the laboratory in Wuhan, not as a bioweapon but during experiments for proving that Chinese researchers are superior to American researchers in identifying the emerging threats.

It comes after the United States is investigating the source of novel coronavirus to check if it first transmits to humans accidentally during laboratory experiments with bats at the Wuhan Institute of Virology Laboratory. After it becomes the outbreak, Chinese authorities blamed the ‘wet market’ where wild animals are sold. Blaming the wild animal market was a cover-up by the Chinese government.

‘Patient zero’ worked at the lab and spread the deadly virus to the local people after leaving the workplace, told by the sources. China has disproved all the claims related to virus origination in Wuhan laboratory, where a contagious sample has been stored.

Pompeo told the press that they know that novel coronavirus originated in Wuhan as the Institute of Virology is miles away from the market of wild animals but there a lot to investigate and U.S. government is diligently working on it. He said that the best way to find the truth is to let the world in and let the researchers know how exactly this virus came to be and began to spread.

There were a lot of infected cases and a lot of travellers moving around the world before the CCP came clean t about the situation. Democracies and open governments don’t do such things and that’s why such risk is associated with the lack of transparency and it is still needed.

The Laboratory in Wuhan is the only facility with bio-safety level four in China and has been seen with suspicion as researchers try to know how this deadly coronavirus transmitted to humans. But the lab suspicion was dismissed as ‘conspiracy theory’ by Chinese authorities who said that animal market has been the source. Although the first COVID-19 confirmed case was a person who has no link with the seafood market in huanan Chinese authorities blamed the seafood market.

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A large number of earlier cases had a direct link with the seafood market, where wild, seafood and farmed animal species are being sold, the World Health  Organization says about the possible source of the novel coronavirus pandemic while saying that exact source has not been known yet.

The World Health Organization says many of the earlier infected patients were market employees, stall owners and regular visitors of the market. Environment sample taken from the market tested positive for the novel coronavirus, suggesting that the seafood market was the origin of COVID-19 outbreak or was involved in initial amplification of SARS-CoV-2.

Researcher says that genetic analysis indicates that novel coronavirus was not engineered or lab-made, it is likely to come from bats and transmitted to humans in a single event. Genetic data couldn’t indicate how exactly the coronavirus first transmitted to humans.

The United State’s Embassy in China sent two warning back to Washington about the safety issues at the lab in Wuhan, mentioning that scientists are conducting risky experiments on viruses in the coronavirus family in bats. They mentioned the management weaknesses and safety issues at the lab and proposed international assistance.

The Wuhan lab was set up with assistance from the American and French governments, but in the last years, Chinese officials rejected international assistance and tried to show their ability to work independently. After COVID-19 outbreak, the authorities destroyed virus samples, suppressed research papers and removed early reports. They are refuting allegation about the novel coronavirus outbreak that it may have originated in Wuhan lab.

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