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India Records the Highest Spike in COVID-19 Cases in One Day

India has recorded the largest spike today in COVID-19 cases with 1,553 new confirmed cases as the government began to ease the lockdown and restrictions. Hundred of recent cases increase the total number of confirmed infections to 17,265 and 543 deaths so far. Experts warn that country of 1.3 billion people may not reach a peak until June.

The lockdown announced in late March by PM Narendra Modi halted all activities and work, which sparked an exodus of many migrant employees. Nonetheless, few migrant employees were allowed to go to farms and factories as some of the agricultural and industrial sectors resumed today.

The government picked up many of the travelers in buses and public transport and quarantined them for 14 days in schools and other quarantine centers. From today, authorities allowed limited farming and some industry to resume by maintaining social distancing and all the preventive measures. Oil refineries, brick kiln, and oil refineries are among the industries which will restart their work from today.

Migrant laborers are allowed to continue their work and travel within their states, having populations of more than 100 million. Indian home ministry wrote a letter to the state government mentioning that the group of migrants wants to go back to their workplaces within their present state, they will undergo screening and asymptomatic people would be transported to the respective workplaces.

However, the survey in the state of Maharashtra which is worst affected by COVID-19 has suggested that some companies are eligible for starting their work and can resume because they are required to provide shelter and transport to their workers. Small businesses have resumed in the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh but police officers were set out to ensure that people are maintaining social distancing. Indian police are stopping motorcyclists at the checkpoints, enforcing the largest lockdown of the world to control the spread of deadly coronavirus.

The country has 7,447 confirmed coronavirus cases; this figure includes 643 recovered patients who were tested positive and 239 fatalities. Maharashtra with 1,574 confirmed cases has the highest number of cases followed by Tamil Nadu with 011 confirmed cases, Dehli with 903 cases and Rajasthan with 553 confirmed cases. Maharashtra state also recorded the highest number of casualties related to novel coronavirus. Madhya Pradesh comes on the second number with 33 causalities, followed by Gujarat with 19 and Delhi having 13 casualties.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian economy was growing at the weakest pace and now it is expected to become slower or maybe to zero growth in the economic year that started on 1st April, putting more pressure and burden on jobs as said by private economists.

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Most of the parts of the country will remain under lockdown, with worship places and schools will remain closed until May 3. The country’s passenger railway system and airspace is closed to commercial traffic, stadiums and cinemas are also closed. India is also going to ramp up the novel coronavirus testing, build up stocks of personal protective equipment and ventilators. The country also prepared makeshift isolation areas and wards.

In the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai which is the largest scum of Asia, authorities planned to administer hydroxychloroquine to the majority of slum-dwellers over a period of 14 days. Donald Trump touted hydroxychloroquine, malaria dug for the treatment of COVID-19 although its efficacy against novel coronavirus is unproven.

Indian authorities want to ascertain if this drug helps in controlling the spread of highly contagious novel coronavirus in a country where it is difficult to maintain effective social distancing. It was not clear how many people would like to participate in this experiment and when would it start.

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