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Researchers are Planning to Give Nicotine Patches to COVID-19 Patients as Trial Treatment

Scientists are set to give nicotine patches to patients suffering from COVID-19 as a trial treatment to check if they will fight off the novel coronavirus. However, doctors are urging that it is not a reason to smoke, as cigarettes have fatal risks of public health. The World Health Organization also warned that cigarettes increase the risk of contacting novel coronavirus and it can also cause reduce lung capacity and lung disease which would increase the risk of this serious respiratory illness.

French scientists are working on the impact of nicotine patches on the novel coronavirus as the study claimed that infected people who were hospitalized or at their homes were regular smokers as compared to the general population.

The team of researcher suggested that nicotine may prevent from the novel coronavirus from infecting cells or nicotine could prevent the immune system from overreacting. The ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) said that the reports suggesting the number of smokers who were hospitalized due to coronavirus is less than the expected ones are uncertain and depend on those who are able to report on their smoking and healthcare workers getting the time for recording it.

Chief executive of ASH, Deborah Arnott said that the UK side effect tracker information is presently demonstrating that smokers are at an elevated risk of contracting symptoms of  COVID-19; persistent cough and fever. There is evidence that smokers who were hospitalized due to coronavirus are at a higher risk as compared to the non-smokers of extreme ailment and demise. Moreover, there are numerous different reasons for smokers to stop smoking for COVID-19, as they are substantially more in danger of scope of genuine medical issues expecting them to be admitted to the emergency clinic.

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The reports of the trial conducted in France to check whether nicotine patches can help in preventing or decreasing symptoms of coronavirus must not put smokers off trying to stop, however, urge them to utilize other sources of nicotine to assist them with staying quit. Smokers are considerably more liable to prevail with regards to quit smoking if they utilize other sources of nicotine, for example, e-cigarettes, patches and gum which are substantially less unsafe than smoking.

To test the hypothesis that nicotine could prevent the novel coronavirus, the researchers will put nicotine patched on infected patients both in and out of intensive care unit, also forefront workers, to check whether the treatment has any effect on this deadly illness.

For the study which was conducted at Pitié Salpêtrière, the team of researchers examined 480 patients who tested positive for COVID-19.  Out of all participants, 350 patients were hospitalized and the rest of them recovered at their home. The outcomes uncovered that of all the patients who were hospitalized, with a median age of 65, just 4.4 per cent of them were regular smokers. In the interim, among patients who were at home, with a median age of 44, 5.3 per cent of them were smokers. Among the general population, 40 per cent of people who were between ages 44 and 53 smoke, and around 11 per cent of people aged 65 to 75 smoke.

The scientists concluded that far fewer smokers seem to have acquired the infection or, if they have contracted the disease, their symptoms are mild. The researchers stated that their cross-sectional examination proposes that the individuals who smoke each day are substantially less prone to build up the asymptomatic or extreme disease with SARS-CoV-2 as compared to the general population. The impact is critical. It actually divides the risk by five for wandering patients and by four for those patients who are hospitalized. We once in a while observe this in medication. This isn’t the primary article to recommend that nicotine may suppress the symptoms of coronavirus.

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