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President Trump Advises People to Inject “Disinfectant” to Kill Coronavirus

The President of the United State has been criticized by the medical communities after suggesting that injecting disinfectants into veins could cure COVID-19. He also proposed to irradiate bodies of patients with ultraviolet light, a suggestion which is dismissed by the doctor at the briefing.

During the White House coronavirus task force briefing, an official presented the findings of the research that indicated that apparently novel coronavirus become weak when exposed to heat and sunlight. The US government research also indicated that bleach might kill the coronavirus in respiratory fluids or saliva just within five minutes and isopropyl alcohol might kill the virus more quickly.

In response to William Bryan who heads the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology division, President Donald Trump suggested that people should clean their bodies with disinfectants to kill coronavirus, touting the ability of disinfectants to kill the virus on surfaces.

Trump followed up on the suggestion of Bryan that the novel coronavirus may quickly die after in hot, humid conditions and sunlight by saying that light may also be used as a treatment when coronavirus is already inside the human body. He said that exposing the body with the powerful light like UV light can also kill the coronavirus.

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Trump later asked the health expert Dr. Deborah Birx that if there are any current treatment to cure the coronavirus by using heat or light. He asked Birx if they can use it or not, added that he is not a doctor but he is like a person that has a good. In response, Birx said that she had not seen heat or light is used for treating COVID-19, although fever is the way by which body fights against viruses.

Obviously, there is something egregiously wrong with the line of thinking of the U.S President. Disinfectants like isopropyl alcohol, bleach and cleaners like Clorox and Lysol are not safe to be ingested and they can even be harmful outside the body, with the novel coronavirus crisis triggering a new surge of poisonings from ingesting cleaning products. The global health policy expert and a pulmonologist, Dr. Vin Gupta said that the idea of injecting any type of cleaning product is highly dangerous and irresponsible. He added that it is a common method used by people when they want to kill themselves.

While the potential benefits of warm weather and sunlight on COVID-19 are still unclear as plenty of the countries with hot and humid weather still having the novel coronavirus outbreak, the UVC light, form of ultraviolet light which is most likely to kill the virus is far more strong than the regular sunlight and it is very dangerous and unsafe to expose skin to it. As the ultraviolet light got hype as the way to treat coronavirus and disinfect it from surfaces, the World Health Organization issued a warning against the use of UV light lamps directly on hands or other body parts, mentioned that irritation would occur.

Dan Arnold, working for UV Light Technology said that it takes hours to get sunburn from UVB but it takes seconds with UVC. He warned that if eyes get exposed, it can cause serious irritation, 10 times more than the sun, just after a few seconds.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned people to be really careful with the cleaning agents as the sale of such household disinfectants shoot up amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Food and Drug Administration also warned against the ingestion of disinfectant to cure coronavirus. The agency has received consumer reports who suffered from severe diarrhoea, vomiting, life-threatening dehydration, low blood pressure and acute liver failure after drinking cleaning products.

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