Matt Hancock Announced “one-minute silence” and Relief for Deceased NHS Workers’ Families

A ‘one- minute silence’ will take place today in tribute to brave frontline workers who have died during the COVID-19 pandemic. PM Boris Johnson prepares to lead the country to honor the NHS heroes. Matt Hanock announced that the families of all NHS workers who lost their lives to this deadly coronavirus by fighting in the front line would receive £60,000 each as cash help.

This came after 50 MPs wrote a letter to Boris Johnson asking him to help them with a compensation plan. Hancock said that we must do every possible thing to support the families who are dealing with the grief of losing their loved ones as nothing can replace the loss of a loved one. He added that they are also considering people from other professions that are not entitled to these compensation schemes to check if it may be needed.

Hancock said this scheme would cover the NHS and all social care workers who died working at the frontline and it is more of an insurance policy that covers life. He told that 82 NHS staff members and 15 of the social care workers have died while fighting this battle against the coronavirus. But he suspects that the real deaths might be much more than these confirmed figures.

According to the Press Association, since 25th March, at least 90 NHS frontline workers have lost their lives to COVID-19. The BMA said that the details of the case support an immediate financial aid but it might leave the families deprived of long-term fiscal protection.

The chairman of BMA pensions committee, Dr.Vishal Sharma said that while this single installment may appear to be a sizeable whole, it comes not even close to the compensate these families for their continuance income that their family member might have earned if they were alive.

Dave Prentis, the general secretary also encouraged the move. He said that providing financial support to the families of all the frontline workers who have paid the price of their dedication and professionalism is the least we can do.

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Downing Street said that Boris Johnson and some other British ministers are also going to take a part in this. This comes after healthcare workers were crying to get personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety from the coronavirus.

Doctors and Nurses have also shared that they are using aprons that are don’t even fit to their size or using a washed PPE for using it again, which is not a recommended way of using it.

Ministers have donated billions of these PPE and they said that they don’t support to end this lockdown until PPEstocks can be ensured for all specialists. Hancock revealed soon more services of NHS will be revived tomorrow that includes the standard cancer treatments. He has encouraged Brits to ask for help if they need it saying that ” the NHS is open” for all.  any individual who needs it.

One of the NHS frontline workers, the 51 years old, Laura Tanner died while struggling to catch a breath in her husband Kevin’s arms after a fierce battle with COVID-19. She died before the paramedics’ team arrived there.

Kevin, 49 years old shares his grief after his wife died. He said that it was terrible and thinking about him still gives him nightmares. He shared that Laura was unable to move from her bed or eat anything. But then she finally got up and was tripping like she had a seizure or a panic attack. She was trying to catch her breath, her eyes became small and her breathing was constricted, and eventually, she lost her life.



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