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Children are Much Likely to Contract Coronavirus, Says New Report

The study found that children are as likely as adults to catch the novel coronavirus and can spread it to others. Chinese scientists found that children are at the risk of COVID-19 infection. The research crushed the hopes of Britain to reopen schools and institutes any time soon.

Since the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the disease affecting the youngsters has baffled the experts because few children seem to become seriously ill or die after getting infected. For instance, only 10 individuals under the age of 20 in England have died with the coronavirus in hospitals out of 19,740 infected patients, the rate of 0.05 percent.

This had led to the speculation that children were likely to be protected from the coronavirus infection or were less likely to spread it but Chinese research has dispelled it. The study conducted in Shenzhen revealed that the attack rate of coronavirus among children was about 7.4 percent which was comparable to 6.6 percent found in the general population.

One researcher said the study was significant and revealed that children could expose guardians, grandparents and educators, risking the second wave of the novel coronavirus. The scientist who worked with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore studied 391 individuals infected with COVID-19 between January 12 and February in Shenzhen.

The researcher said that coronavirus attack rates were the same across all age ranges of infected contacts. They found that individuals who lived with or were contacts of, someone infected with the coronavirus were about equally prone to get the disease regardless of their age. The extent of the infected person’s contacts who acquired the infection from them is the ‘attack rate’ and the researchers discovered it didn’t fluctuate altogether depending upon age.

Individuals who are in their 60s seemed to have the most elevated attack rate, and it was raised for those in their 50s and aged more than 70, however, there was little contrast for the more young age groups. Another figure that likewise stood apart on the scientists’ information was that the extent of individuals who tried positive yet didn’t have the obvious fever was essentially higher among under-20s, recommending they may be bound to spread the infection without acknowledging it.

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The research is published in the British journal, The Lancet Infectious Diseases. The researchers stated that notably, infection rate (7.4 percent) in children under the age of 10 years is similar to the rate of infection in the general population (6.6 percent). There was no critical relationship between the likelihood of infection and the age of the list case. This implied that children were as likely as adults to get infected with COVID-19 and to spread it.

The researchers said that the investigations on the detection of cases, and utilization of information on people who were exposed however not infected, demonstrate that rates of infection in children are not lower than the average population, regardless of whether paces of clinical illness are. Infection rates do have all the earmarks of being significantly lower in children as compared to the adults and reports from hospitals overall show fewer children getting seriously ill.

Researchers are not absolutely clear on why this is, yet recommend that an absence old enough related lung harm might be a contributing element. People are more likely to get seriously sick in case of other health issues, for example, hypertension or diabetes, which is uncommon among children.

The Shenzhen study discourages all the expectations that schools would open soon and completely as the UK moves out of its coronavirus lockdown. Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson said that the Government was thinking about reviving schools in a staged approach and endeavoring to keep up social removing when classes continued.

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