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China Covered Up the Severity of COVID-19, U.S Intelligence Reports

U.S President Donald Trump has been defensive over the debate whether he failed to act wisely after getting early warnings from intelligence officials about the novel coronavirus outbreak and its potential impact.

Trump tweeted and appeared to blame intelligence officials for not making the potential of COVID-19 clearer sooner just how dangerous a novel coronavirus outbreak could be and without citing specifics wrote that intelligence has just reported to him that he was correct and that they did NOT bring up the CoronaVirus subject matter until late into January, just prior to his act of banning China from the United States and moreover they only spoke of the novel coronavirus in a very non-threatening manner.

The deadly novel coronavirus is believed to have originated in the Wuhan market in China. But Trump has speculated that Chinese authorities may have unleashed the novel coronavirus outbreak due to some kind of horrible mistake. U.S intelligence agencies are still examining a notion that is put forward by president Trump and aides that the COVID-19 pandemic may have resulted from an accident during experiments at Wuhan lab.

There have been 1,176,548 confirmed cases of a novel coronavirus in the U.S and caused 68,066 deaths so far. The intelligence reports come as the US administration criticism on China is heated even more. h Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo reportedly said that country is 100% responsible for introducing and spreading this deadly virus and should be accountable for its actions.

The sharper rhetoric coinciding with critics saying the response of the government towards the novel coronavirus was inadequate and slow. The political opponents of the President have attacked him for blaming China which is a geopolitical rival but one of the important trade partners of the United State, in order to deflect criticism and accusations at home.

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This DHS analysis says that while downplaying the severity of the COVID-19, China increased its imports and decreased medical tools and supplies export. It also states that it attempted to cover up this thing by denying the trade restrictions and delaying the provision of the trade details.

The report additionally says China didn’t timely inform the World Health Organization (WHO) that the novel coronavirus is going to be a public health problem in January so that the medical supplies and equipment could have been arranged.

According to the report, those conclusions contain an up to  95% chance that the trade-related changes by China could not be called as ‘normal.

Pompeo said he had no reason to believe that the novel coronavirus was spread deliberately. He added that China shares a bad history in this regard. He said that this is not the first time that the world has exposed to the virus as a result of the mistakes and failures of Chinese laboratories.

The secretary of state said that while the intelligence officials continue to do their work, they must continue to do that, and confirm so that we are certain. He added that there is a significant amount of evidence that this originated from the Wuhan laboratory. Pompeo appeared to be referring to the previous respiratory outbreaks because of viruses, like SARS, which also originated in China.

Senator Ted Cruz said that he believes China is one of the most significant geopolitical threats to the United States for the next century. Chinese communist government bears huge responsibility, enormous direct culpability for COVID-19 pandemic. He added that it is clear that China covered it up. He added that the hundreds of thousands of coronavirus deaths across the world are the direct responsibility of the communist government’s lies.

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