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U.S Doctor Claims a “Second Wave” of COVID-19 is on its Way

The doctor who treated the first case of the novel coronavirus in the United States said that he fears the second outbreak of the COVID-19 when lockdown and distancing measures are lifted.

George Díaz‘s first coronavirus infected patient, diagnosed in January, has already recovered after treatment with remdesivir, an experimental drug that is approved by the U.S for emergency use. While this anti-viral medication, he emphasized that isolation and distancing measures to avoid infection is the most effective treatment for the novel coronavirus.

Since that first case, the U.S has overtaken all other nations that have the highest caseload so far about 1.2 million and also around 69,000 reported deaths. In spite of forecasts of an increasing death toll, several states are already reviving to attempt to facilitate the monetary strain of shelter-in-place orders that have put in over 30 million people in jobless in six weeks in America.

The US health officials have warned about the second wave of coronavirus in the US as it could be a lot more dangerous than the previous one.

Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Robert Redfield said the risk was much higher as the new outbreak would likely coincide with the winter flu season and it would put unimaginable stress on the health care system.

Mr. Redfield stressed the importance of getting the flu vaccination. He said that getting ourselves vaccinated may allow the hospital bed to be available for our mother or grandmother that may become infected with the novel coronavirus. He urged the U.S officials to prepare for the possibility of confronting the flu and the novel coronavirus outbreak together.

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The chief of CDC said that the novel coronavirus had arrived in the United States as the flu season was almost subsiding. He argued that if the virus had arrived at the peak of the influenza season, it could have been really difficult. His warning comes as many states are going to ease lockdown restrictions.

He urged the federal officials to step up testing to identify the infected people and their contacts. He said that the CDC is planning to hire over 650 people, more than its current staff to help with tracing of contacts of infected people among many other things. The CDC was also checking the possibility of using workers of the Census Bureau to help in contact tracing.

data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, more than 3.5 million people across the world have been diagnosed with COVID-19. The real numbers are expected to be much higher than this due to lack of testing facilities, several unreported cases, and suspicions that governments are hiding the scope of the novel coronavirus outbreak in their countries.

During a video meeting organized by the State Department, Díaz told reporters that what worries him is that when the economy starts to reopen, the state is going to face the second outbreak of novel coronavirus that is perhaps as dangerous as the first wave, and the first one was very difficult for the whole world.

He added that more than anything, he is concerned that if there are enough resources to handle the second COVID-19 outbreak. Remdesivir, a drug made by Gilead Sciences, was shown in a clinical trial to shorten the recovery time in some novel coronavirus infected patients.

Diaz said that pending development of an effective vaccine, remdesivir appears to be effective against the highly contagious novel coronavirus, but he cautioned that it must be used very wisely.

Diaz warned people that also have the treatment it should be the crutch for people to think they can now do whatever they want because they now have treatment. He said that people must continue to strictly follow the guidance on social distancing.

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