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Travel Industry Warns of Complete Collapse As Cancellation Soars due to Coronavirus

A huge number of holiday plans are now canceled as the coronavirus pandemic has closed almost everything. But it has made many people including the British nationals worried because they have already paid for their vacations in advance.

They are now trying to get their paid money back but instead, the companies are offering them credit discount notes. Many holiday planning companies have been cautioned if that they proceed with a complete refund for all the canceled vacations it might initiate a complete business collapse in terms of the travel industry.

The British citizens are waiting and hoping to get a refund of their money which they paid to the travel agencies and airlines for their vacations. They are only following what the government is advising them but there is not very much hope to get this cashback.

Some of them are being suggested credit note refunds which would then be able to be utilized to book a tour again later on a different date or period or exchange it later to get the cash.  Many families who are already a victim of financial sufferings because of this coronavirus pandemic need their money back immediately. In addition to this, people are worried about what might happen if the company becomes bankrupt.

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Chief Executive of The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) Mark Tanzer, describes why the majority of tour operators are not giving the cash back to their customers but offering credits.

The customer’s right to get the complete refund still remains intact and they should converse with their tour planners if they don’t wish to receive these refunds in the form of credits. 

If individuals lose their trust in these discounted credits as everyone prefers the cash now then it might be a genuine issue for the travelers as well as tour planners. It might cause a lot of local businesses to crash.

Mr. Tanzer added that he is already in communication with these business owners who are operating for the last   20 or 30 years and are on the verge of shutting down. He added that other people who are actually working more than 18 hours straight a day for trying to save their businesses.

It would not be a lie that it is happening because there is no real cash available that might be coming back. So it is extremely dreadful that this won’t just harm the area, it won’t be to the client’s advantage, it will require some investment to recover their money yet, in addition, the recuperation will take an exceptionally significant time-frame on the grounds that the traveling companies would no longer be there to re-develop the businesses when they are back in demand.

It’s to no one’s advantage to make the travel industry collapse at this crucial time of the COVID-19 crisis. While many tour operators are presently busying themselves in the arrival of visitors abandoned around the world because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, they are also seeking the future for their survival.

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