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When Would Disneyland Open its Doors for the Visitors?

During the spread of coronavirus cases, all public places including the theme parts were closed. After months of lockdown, many people are wondering when would Disneyland open?

All theme parks located in California, Anaheim, and Florida are closed for the public since March when the coronavirus cases showed a sky-high rise. As long as these theme parks are closed, the public can enjoy the virtual tour of these places.

Based on the current information and coronavirus statistical reports, it is hard to say when would Disneyland open but millions of people from all over the world are waiting for the management to comment on it.

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On May 5th, the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger gave a statement that probably it is too early to tell when would Disneyland open however his team is working on multiple scenarios that could be adopted to reopen the parks.

The governor of California, Gavin Newsom’s has shared a new plan on the lockdown situation in California. He also showed intent to open Disneyland California and many other theme parks that come under the category of businesses, allowed to start their operation.

In Governor’s plan, Disneyland and other theme parks fall in stage four. However, he has not specified any timeline for any of these stages in his plan.

Last Monday, the local government announced that it would be enforcing the stage 2 from this week, starting from 7th May by allowing to open a few pickups, delivery and take away business. None of this allowed business included an in-house setup, dine-in restaurants, shopping malls, or corporate offices.

There is no way to expect a coronavirus vaccine to show up by 2021. Although there are news coming, telling about testing and trials of coronavirus vaccines developed by a number of companies from different parts of the world. In US, the FDA has granted an ‘emergency authorization’ to the Remdesivir as a potential treatment for coronavirus. While this plan is directly affecting to re-open the public places. That’s why the management of Disneyland is uncertain to give a date when they would open Disneyland for the public.

This coronavirus pandemic has also affected the new Marvel theme camp of Disneyland which was originally opened in July this year.

The Disneyland Florida looks like much more relaxed on the re-opening as Governor Ron DeSantis earlier announced to open Disneyland in May. Despite the re-opening people are asked to follow the social distancing from each other and there is a restriction on the groups visiting the theme park. With these policies, it looks like the re-opening is not very far away.

Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force of Orlando mentioned the new mandate on the public places, theme parks, and more importantly Disney world during its meeting held on 28th April. there are two ways proposed; one is to mark 6 -feet distance with tape and requesting old age people and staff members to stay at their houses.

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On the other side, the Japanese PM Shinzo Abe announced that they would follow the lockdown for a few more days. So the decision on opening  Disney resort in Tokyo would be made in mid-May.

Disneyland France is nowhere to be open before September as France remains one of the worst-hit countries by the virus. There is no way to know when would Disneyland open in Hong Kong because the guideline on lifting the lockdown doesn’t especially talk about the theme parks.


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