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Testing for COVID-19 a ‘Complete System Failure’ in UK Care Homes

Care home administrators have blamed the UK government for a total framework disappointment over testing for Covid-19 after authorities repeatedly deflected responsibility and left vulnerable people unchecked. As ministers admitted that it will be over three weeks before all homes are offered screening tests, managers of care home said lives have been put in danger and conditions for dementia patients worsened because of the administration’s failure so far to test a huge number of staff and inhabitants.

The health secretary, Matt Hancock announced the programme two weeks ago but only tens of thousands of people have been tested so far. Public Health England (PHE), the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have more than shifted responsibility about who should carry out the tests, as indicated by correspondence with care homes. In one email to a care manager, a CQC official admitted to continued confusion in the system.

The managing director, Matthew Nutt of Accurocare which runs homes in Basingstoke and Oxford, was told multiple times by PHE that CQC was responsible for the programme and many times by CQC that it was done by PHE. The DHSC official told that PHE was in charge and another said it was CQC. That negated what CQC revealed to him 24 hours earlier, that its involvement in testing care staff finished on 25 April.

His association has been attempting to obtain around 200 tests since 28 April, when Hancock declared that testing though couldn’t care workers and residents would be accessible whether or not they are showing symptoms of the novel coronavirus. So far he has gotten none. Hancock claimed that the performance on testing has been unbelievably positive.

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Nutt said that it has been a complete failure. We don’t have a clue when we are going to get testing kits. The government’s plan to ease the lockdown says all homes will have testing by 6 June. It’s far too slow. How many more people have to die because of this virus?

The administration said that more than 400,000 individuals live in care homes, taking care of by a workforce of 1.5 million yet the number of tests did so far remain in ten thousand. The expansion of testing beyond simply individuals with side effects was at first invited via care chiefs since it guarantees better disease control. Care home fatalities expanded to almost 10,000 in the United Kingdom.

When Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) attempted to get tests for its consideration home inhabitants and staff, a PHE official said it knew nothing about testing residents, before guiding them toward the CQC. PHE then adjusted its perspective again saying it would send the tests; however, when they neglected to show up, PHE turned around again saying CQC was responsible.

Director of homes and wellbeing at NCHA, Holly Dagnall said that it t is very frustrating since we can’t effectively manage the COVID-19 risk without knowing who is infected. Chairman of the trustees of the Fairfield care home in Oxford, John Guy said his facility had requested swabs for home testing multiple times since Hancock’s announcement but none had shown up. Previously his staff had been advised to travel 60 miles to Twickenham to the testing centre.

Liz Kendall, Labour’s shadow care minister said the accounts revealed all-out mayhem in the system. She included that weeks into this pandemic yet serves despite everything haven’t got to grasps with the nuts and bolts of testing inhabitants and staff. Reports from the forefront show complete mayhem as national bodies quarrel about whom is dependable, leaving care home directors and staff battling to adapt. The administration’s own ‘recuperation system’ report says they won’t ensure each care home will even be offered trying until 6 June.

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