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A New COVID-19 Drug, TR-C 19 is Now Ready for Testing

VSY Biotechnology GmbH is proud to announce its latest drug, TR-C 19 which has been developed for the treatment of COVID-19 patients by the R&D team of the VSY Biotechnology. Studies have revealed that this new drug can neutralize the coronavirus isolated in a laboratory. The drug is at the approval stage for testing on the voluntary coronavirus patients and clinical trials. Authorities have accelerated the evaluation of TR-C 19 considering the emergency conditions.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of VSY Biotechnology GmbH, Dr. Ercan Varlibas stated that VSY Biotechnology has completed many pioneering R&D projects by producing new technologies and credit goes to the innovation power and R&D team. The TR-C 19 project is one of the most important projects that the team has been developing. Voluntary and clinical trials will be arranged in collaboration with Turkey’s Health Sciences University (SBU). The initial results of voluntary trials on infected patients will be shared publicly in the coming weeks.

VSY Biotechnology is an innovation-driven company with its progressive R&D activities in orthopedics, aesthetics, ophthalmology, and biotechnological drugs. VSY Biotechnology GmbH is focused on designing, developing and manufacturing superior state-of-the-art products to serve, patients, doctors, and consumers beyond their expectations.

SBU Rector Cevdet Erdöl shared that Turkey is trying to opt for some serious precautionary steps while finding a way to treat coronavirus.  He confirmed that TR-C 19 is one of these attempts which might treat coronavirus but it still needs to be tested. If it brought positive results, it might get its license soon.

He encouraged the research collaboration between Turkey’s top-level universities and the country’s healthcare industry together, which is trying to fight against the  COVID-19 pandemic.

Ercan Varlıbaş says that the company is operating in 66 different countries and currently trying to utilize all its sources to find something to stop coronavirus pandemic. He said that VSY Biotechnology has a history of many valuable development projects and groundbreaking research.

This new drug called TR-C 19 might treat the deadly coronavirus which is why it is one of its most meaningful projects.

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The Turkish government as well as the private corporations have set up to develop coronavirus drugs and the breakthrough coronavirus vaccines. Turkey is also investing so much money to adopt possible precautions against COVID-19 pandemics.

One of the top scientific bodies in Turkey, TÜBİTAK, is reportedly invested nearly $300 million for developing 16  different vaccines and other medicines during the last five years. Moreover, it is running 16 more projects on finding vaccines and medicine operated under the “COVID-19 Turkey Platform,”. This program involves 225 researchers from 25 different host universities and also involved 8 public research bodies. There are at least 8 private firms also involved in this setup.

Yunus Emre Institute has recently introduced an online scientific portal that would facilitate all experts working on finding a vaccine for coronavirus. This portal could be accessed at ” covid19.tabipacademy.com” comes under the TABİP, the Academic and Scientific Cooperation Project of Turkey.

It is a part of new science-based diplomacy which would bring Turkish researchers close to the international researcher in order to work for the national science inventory in Turkey.

The newly made portal allows all partners who are working hard to find a cure for the novel coronavirus and allows professionals to follow the most up-to-date scientific studies and technological developments from reliable sources. It would also publish the most recent scientific advancements on coronavirus. 

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