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 FC Seoul Apologizes for Using Sex Dolls inside an Empty Stadium During Coronavirus Lockdown

Since the world is in the middle of a pandemic, the stadiums are seen empty as a public gathering is being avoided. Meanwhile on Sunday, in the metropolitan city of South Korea, Gwangju, FC Seoul used sex dolls mistaking them as mannequins to fill the seats in the stadium.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the K League 1 game could not be played in the presence of spectators to avoid the spread of the virus. However, the football club has apologized for using adult products instead of regular mannequins as spectators in the stadium.

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According to FC Seoul, the supplier of the mannequins mislead them by providing sex dolls instead of clothing mannequins used in shops. Apparently, the supplier had convinced the club that the product was normal mannequins and not some adult products.

The club also stated that they had made sure that the mannequins looked like real spectators but they were not used for sexual use. However, the club admitted that they did not check the mannequins in detail which is the fault of the club.

The game ended with a 1-0 win and later the club posted on Instagram saying that the team was extremely sorry for not making detailed checks.

The club said that they are full of regret regarding the mannequins used during their match on May 17, 2020. They also said that they want to make it clear that the mannequins used were supposed to look like real spectators but the manufacturer assured that they were not meant to be used for any sexual use.

The supplier had also claimed that the dolls are clothing mannequins but the club verified that they had made multiple checks to make sure they are not sex dolls.

On the other side, the fans of the club pointed out that they were not mannequins while the game was live on the television. The supporters of the club commented on Instagram that something was not right with the mannequins.

One of the fans said that the breast size of the dolls was quadruple the size of clothing mannequins. Another supporter said that it was very obvious and the game was not family-friendly. However, the other top clubs from South Korea have utilized some creative methods to fill the stadium in the game which includes portraits sent by their fans.

While, the K League did not give any statement on this matter and the sex dolls manufacturer, Dalcom also avoided commenting on the issue.

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This awkward incident from the FC Seoul game will prove to be a blow on the reputation of the K League which has been rated as a top profile league for playing during the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the stats, Johns Hopkins University has credited South Korea for containing the outbreak effectively being one of the countries with the least cases in the world. Till now, there have been around 11,000 COVID-19 cases reported with 263 fatalities due to the virus.

Hopefully, the Premier League will return after a long pause in June but there will be no spectators on the grounds. However, the clubs will start their training of a few members at a time to avoid overcrowding from Tuesday.

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