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United Kingdom Will Have Zero COVID-19 Deaths Days By Late June

According to leading statisticians, the number of deaths because of COVID-19 outbreak has been steadily decreasing by around 30 a day. The latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal that there were nearly 400 daily deaths due to the novel coronavirus in all settings across Wales and England early May. The Government has announced a further 545 deaths today across the United Kingdom, bringing its official death toll to 35,341.

Commenting on the ONS data, Professor Carl Heneghan from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, predicted days with no coronavirus deaths by late next month. He said that he thinks by the end of June it will be difficult to track down people with the coronavirus illness if the present trends proceed in the deaths. But we will continue to have these inconsistent up and downs for about four to six weeks. He added that people shouldn’t panic or get out of context if suddenly there were no deaths for four days, and now ve had eight or ten since we’ll see that as you go down lower numbers of deaths, there will be a bit more variation in the actual data.

Analyst Dr. Jason Oke from Oxford University said that taking a gander at patterns after some time, still there is a consistent decrease in COVID-19 deaths and if you were enticed to extend that pattern into the future you would need to be wary. They are deaths dropping at around 30 per day. Also, the most recent day the ONS reports it’s simply beneath 400 passings [in total]. So you can do the maths and wonder if that proceeds, for how much longer will we see coronavirus deaths.

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Although the novel coronavirus pandemic has sparked a sharp rise in deaths across different age groups the death rate has dropped in young men. Experts claim the reason is that they are at extremely low risk from the deadly coronavirus. Many deaths involve dangerous behaviour such as over speeding, but the coronavirus pandemic has curbed many hazardous habits.

Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter who is a risk expert at the University of Cambridge said that this is a statistically and practically significant decline in the death rate among young men whose age ranging from 20 to 24. He added that the rise in deaths due to the risk-taking behaviour of young men is expected. That has disappeared completely during the lockdown. Experts would have expected 106 deaths over this period but there were only 69 deaths, 35 per cent reduction.

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Overall, there have now been almost 45,000 fatalities due to COVID-19 across the United Kingdom. The ONS data reveals that there have been only 39,071 deaths involving the novel coronavirus in Wales and England up to May 8. Once data from Northern Ireland and Scotland are added, and the latest deaths included, the national tally is 44,639. It comes as ONS officials claim the number of care home residents killed by the highly contagious coronavirus in Wales and England has hit 15,000. The latest ONS report reveals that 10,000 have been killed by the deadly coronavirus in homes up to May 8.

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