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Canadians Officials Now Recommended Wearing Non-medical masks

Many Canadian provinces are now all set to ease coronavirus restrictions and slowly re-start the economic activities. The Canadian public health administrators are now formally advising people to use non-medical masks to protect other people from the novel coronavirus in circumstances when an otherwise physical distancing is not possible.

Previously advising against the use of non-medical facemasks, federal health officials said that asymptomatic individuals could use the non-surgical facemasks whenever they go in public and consider this as ‘an additional protective plan’  to avoid the virus transmission via droplets but they didn’t state it as a part of their official guidelines.

The chief medical officer of health of Canada said that the newly updated recommendations on using the non-medical types of masks in this ongoing pandemic would soon be published on the government’s official website soon. Dr. Theresa Tam said that there is little evidence that tells that highly contagious coronavirus can even be spread through the carriers that are asymptomatic otherwise. It means that these people don’t exhibit the typical symptoms of virus-like ordinary patients.

However, Tam insists that the use of a facemask whether non-medical or medical is not actually a replacement of the “standard” measures for controlling the spread of the deadly coronavirus, like washing hands frequently and staying two meters apart from each other. Health officials said that these preventive measures should continue in practice till late summer and encouraged people to stay at home if they feel any type of sickness.

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In response to the journalist who asked whether the updated recommendations of wearing non-medical masks might encourage the false sense of security, the deputy chief public health officer, Dr. Howard Njoo said that it is a concern and health officials don’t want the public to think that they can stop following the other health measures which are clearly effective and highly recommended. This is just a supplementary preventive measure.

Tam and Njoo said that avoid touching your face or don’t let others touch your mask and consider wearing a mask that is washable. After this update by the federal public health agency, PM Justin Trudeau was questioned on what does he personally thinks about using a facemask; including how and when does he mask his face. Trudeau shared that he tries to maintain the standard two-meter distance from others but he normally uses a facemask whenever he feels like using it.

The Canadian prime minister said that in circumstances where he is either inside the Parliament house or heading to his office and arriving into proximity to other individuals, he has decided to use a facemask.

He shared that when he is at his desk in Parliament and two meters separate from every other person, I will remove my cover so I can take part in the parliamentary talk. But when he leaves his seat and walk past other individuals, walkthrough conceivably busier passages, he will be covering his face with a mask. He mentioned that it is his own decision that is aligned with what public health is suggesting, yet all people need to change in accordance with what works in these conditions and keep our safety at the front line of what we’re doing.

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