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A New Type of Contraceptive Gel ‘Phexxi’ Approved for Sale in USA

The US regulators have given approval to a new type of contraceptive gel named ‘phexii’, which would help to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This new gel pronounced as “Feck-sii” comes in an easy to use gel form, which is applied through an applicator. Women who want to use this are advised to apply this gel through its applicator before they plan to do sex.

This new contraceptive gel is manufactured by a company named Evofem Biosciences which is based in San Diego. The gel is made of common ingredients such as lactic acid, potassium bitartrate, and citric acid, which are normally a part of all safe commercial products i.e. food additives.

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Contraceptive gels are usually similar to the spermicides which are specially made to prevent pregnancy as they completely block the cervix opening and sperms are unable to enter. However, Phexxi works differently to these spermicides.

Normally, the vagina has a pH of 3.5 to 4.5 which is normal and healthy. Whenever this pH is disturbed, it allows the growth of certain bacteria, fungus, or yeast to grown, causing uncomfortable infections.

Based on this same principle, sperms normally live with a pH of 7 to 8. Using Phexxi maintains the acidic pH which kills the sperms thus works as a contraceptive.

Normally, the contraceptives are used after sex. But in the case of Phexxi gel, it only works when it is used before sex. Also, unlike other contraceptives, it has no hormones inside, thus it is safer than all other types of contraceptive methods.

This contraceptive gel would be available on an introductory price of $250 to $275 per box which is enough for 12 times usage.

This gel has been launched after studying its effects on women who want to use a safe and reliable contraceptive method. Studying on 1400 women from age group 18 years old to 35 years old, this Phexxi gel showed benefits for 86% of the participants. It was accurate for over seven months period and thousands of sexual acts. Still, it worked for more than 80% of women and saved them from unwanted pregnancy.

This success rate is somehow more and better than condoms, and all other types of contraceptives that are popular among women.

Many people confuse contraceptive gels with spermicides however both are different. But both of these are used the same ways inside the vagina before sex. Spermicides are effective and sometimes people use them along with a condom for extra protection. When used alone, it is nearly 70% to 80% effective and when a couple uses it along with using a condom, the efficacy of the results goes up to 97% accuracy.

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The U.S Food and Drug Administration gave approval to Phexxi as an effective and safe contraceptive product. However, the manufacturing company Evofem says that this contraceptive not only avoids unwanted pregnancies but also protect from sexually transmitted diseases. For example, it saves form the infection caused by highly pathogenic bacteria, gonorrhea as well as chlamydia.

This manufacturing company has also planned to conduct a new study with more participants within this year. They intend to complete and submit the obtained results to the regulatory authority. After that, they might get approval for more products. The contraceptive gel would be available in the market with a different name. Phexxi is only a temporary name and this gel would be available in the markets soon.


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