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Japanese PM Announced to End Coronavirus Lockdown 

The coronavirus pandemic caused several countries to implement lockdown as a measure to control the outbreak. Meanwhile in Japan, there was an emergency state declared but the country was never shut down since the death rate was quite low with 851 fatalities. The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe recently announced to lift the emergency state since the country was successful in containing the outbreak.

On Monday, he said in a press conference that the state of emergency has been ended in the country. He also said that coronavirus in Japan was controlled within just a month and a half.

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Abe also gave a warning that the end of coronavirus lockdown does not in any way mean that the pandemic has ended. He said that the Japanese will have to continue following the guidelines such as social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus as the fight against coronavirus has not ended yet.

By the beginning of this week, there were a total of 16,628 coronavirus cases reported in Japan. 13,612 COVID-19 positive cases have recovered from the infection while 851 could not survive. The capital of Japan, Tokyo was the center of the outbreak of the virus with a population of 14 million where 5,100 cases were reported. 8 new coronavirus cases were reported in Tokyo on Monday.

Unlike China and other Western countries including the United States, Japan never had a strict coronavirus lockdown policy in the country but it did not allow foreign traveling from countries that were severely affected by the novel virus. Japan also issued guidelines to maintain social distance and other preventive measures to contain the outbreak in the country.

Business in Japan was closed early during the day and restaurants were not open late. Some public places such as karaoke bars, concerts, and gyms were completely closed during the coronavirus lockdown and will not be opened for a few more weeks.

The health officials in the country have advised the Japanese people to continue wearing face masks while they are in public places and stay indoors as much as possible. The government of Japan has also asked the public to prevent another outbreak if there is a second wave of coronavirus in the country by continuing to live in an isolated manner. The experts have also advised the public to avoid non-essential traveling within the country.

The Japanese Prime Minister was severely criticized for not taking enough measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Japan since several other countries implemented strict lockdown. It is not yet clear why the death rate and the number of coronavirus cases in Japan have been low as compared to other countries.

A professor at Waseda University, Mikihito Tanaka who is a science communication expert and a part of coronavirus experts group said that the country has been successful in overcoming the coronavirus in Japan as the death rate has been low but it is difficult to pinpoint the reason even for the experts.

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According to the economic revitalization minister of Japan, Yasutoshi Nishimura, the progress in the state of the virus in Japan will be monitored and reviewed every 3 weeks. The public has been advised to continue working from home and try to stay away from huge gatherings.

It is also reported that the authorities will continue their efforts to return to normalcy considering the state of coronavirus in Japan.

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