U.S would Witness a High Increase in Mosquitoes Population this Summer

The new survey by ‘Thermacell® Repellents, Inc.” reveals that this year would be difficult for Americans as the warmer climate would increase the mosquito population in the coming months. This summer would be more challenging as the increase in mosquitoes also means more risk of mosquito-borne diseases this time. Considering coronavirus pandemic has already affected the country real hard, this new information might be worrisome as dengue and malaria have already been major diseases in previous years.

As the temperature is rising and precipitation is increasing, this summer might be the most favorable for mosquitoes reproduction. John Hainze from BioOpus says that considering the abrupt environmental changes, it looks like that this summer is going to be very hard for the US. He also said that last winter was warmer than the previous winters and this spring was more ‘wetter’ than other springs. All this suggests that the mosquitoes population is going to spike this summer.

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Northeast Region Climate Center of the Cornell University suggests that this was the 7th warmest winter which was approximately 4.1 degrees Fahrenheit higher than a typical winter for Northeast. And that’s not all; the Northeast states also had more than 100% higher standard precipitation levels last winder which makes it probably the ‘wettest’ winter ever.

For mosquito’s population and growth, temperature and precipitation are the two most significant factors which couldn’t be ignored. Hainze says that this time, a warmer than normal temperature and heavy rainfall has created the ideal situation for the mosquitoes to breed on a large scale.

Other scientists are also predicting that this year’s summer heat would be intense. Hainze says that most parts of the U.S would face a high increase in mosquitoes which would also bring more risk of disease if people ignore basic care.

As the U.S is already going through a difficult time, people are confined to their houses and spending more time in their houses. However, they haven’t stopped spending time in the open air at their decks, poolside, backyard, and even in public parks. This time spent outdoors is a chance for these increases population of mosquitoes to attack and infect people and this risk could be deadly for children, old age, and immune-compromised patients.

The survey conducted by Thermacell in  May 2020 on investigation the  “Outdoor Behavior” included information from more than 500 people, all of which were from the U.S. The purpose of conducting this survey was to learn how the outdoor behavior might add risk to health especially amid coronavirus outbreak.

 Kyle Adelman is the senior marketing manager of Thermacell who believes that people are running outdoor to get rid of the home-ridden anxiety, but this is a crucial time as the mosquitoes activity would be at the peak. He further added that his company is selling record-breaking mosquito repellents before the summer started.

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The survey results revealed that more than half of the American population reported spending more time in open-air than indoors. Nearly 77% of them confirmed that mosquitoes somehow affect their outdoor activities and thus they are bound to use mosquito repellants. 38% of these participants reported that mosquitoes are probably the most irritating things about summer in addition to the heat and humidity.

As a pleasant sunny day compels people to go outdoor and enjoy the day, it also brings the risk of putting their health at a risk by exposing them to mosquitoes. It is necessary to limit outdoor activities this summer by using any products that work for a person.

Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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