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Men having Long Ring Fingers are Less Likely to Die because of Coronavirus

The researchers have studied the death rate due to coronavirus in various countries and findings of a study suggest that men who have long ring fingers are at a low death risk than others and only susceptible to suffer from mild symptoms of infection.

Research published in Early Human Development suggests that the length of fingers among women does not have an impact on the death rate.

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The death rate related to coronavirus among men with short ring fingers was found to be at least three times higher as compared to those with long ring fingers.

The study was conducted by Swansea University, whose findings show that the death risk related to COVID-19 doubles among men with short ring fingers as they have low levels of the hormone, testosterone.

Health experts said that the length of the ring finger depends upon the exposure of a fetus to the hormone testosterone while the fetus is in the womb. Studies suggest that the greater the amount of testosterone available to the male fetus in the womb, the length of the ring finger would be greater.

Testosterone is a hormone that is linked with increasing the ACE-2 receptors. When the number of these receptors in the body increases, it protects against COVID-19 infection.

According to the scientists, the coronavirus is thought to enter the site of infection through the ACE-2 receptors and cause disease. But studies on these receptors also show that they help fight the virus as the greater number of ACE-2 receptors is found to provide protection against infection of lungs which is the main symptom of this infection.

There has been a huge contrast seen in the death rate among men and women due to the coronavirus infection. Scientists can, however, not put a finger on exactly the reason behind it.

The Office for National Statistics has released the data from England and Wales which shows that the death rate due to COVID-19 is 97.5 every 100,000 men while among women it is 46.5 every 100,000 females.

The experts have suggested that the higher death rate among men could be due to their hygiene practices as they use the hand wash less frequently and less likely to go for medical advice. They usually have health conditions due to which they are more susceptible to coronavirus infection.

The doctors have also said that this higher death rate among men is probably due to the levels of testosterone. The experts at Swansea University believe that those men with a low level of the hormone have a greater risk of infection by the virus as compared to other males.

For this study, researchers gathered data in which 200,000 people participated in 41 countries. The researchers also took account of the length of the ring finger of participants.

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The findings of the study suggest that countries such as Russia, Mexico, and Malaysia, have a greater male population with long ring fingers, the death rate reported was low. While the countries where the majority of the male population has small ring fingers including Bulgaria, the UK, and Spain, the reported death rate was high.

The high levels of testosterone are linked with an enhanced immune response against COVID-19 in females as compared to males.

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