3.7 Million People in UK have Coronavirus without Symptoms 

The novel virus has already affected millions of people around the globe and it does not seem to be stopping any time soon. Sir Patrick Vallance, the scientific advisor of the government of the UK said that people should not ignore the coronavirus in the UK due to the ease of shut down since the R-rate of the coronavirus is not dropping and still at a dangerous level of 1. Despite all news in media, it should not be ignored that there are millions of people who are now being diagnosed with coronavirus without symptoms.

Currently, the R number of the virus is ranging from 0.7 and 0.9 while the total number of deaths recorded due to coronavirus in the UK has reached 37,837. He said that the number of coronavirus cases is decreasing gradually but it is not fast enough.

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The R-rate or the reproduction rate of the virus is an indication of the number of individuals an infected person can further infect or pass the virus. The R-rate must remain at 1 or less than 1 or there will be a risk of another outbreak in Britain. The data was collected for the R-rate before the ease in lockdown which means that it is almost three weeks old. Now, the R-rate stands between 0.7 and 0.9 which means that it is still close to 1.

The Office for National Statistics released another separate data which reveals that 3.7 million of the England population has already been affected by the coronavirus while in London, the estimate is 17 percent of the population, and elsewhere it is 5 percent.

The most worrying fact is that out of every seven people tested positive for the coronavirus in the UK, only one person showed symptoms of infections while the rest had coronavirus without symptoms. This data shows that the virus is spreading among the population silently.

Every week, the number of new infections reported was 61,000 at the beginning of May but now it has come down to 54,000 infections per week. The number of people who are thought to have the virus was 137,000 which has now reduced to 133,000. This data shows that one in a thousand people get the infection every week. The R-rate of the virus is lower which has also reduced from 0.7 to 1 which is ranging from 0.7 to 0.9 now.

Sir Patrick during his press conference said that every day, 8000 people are getting infected with the coronavirus which is a significantly high number and we should still be worried about the infection. Since the R-rate of the infection is still close to 1, we are getting new cases of COVID-19 every single day. Hence, careful measures need to be taken and everything should be done in a monitored and controlled manner.

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Data provided by the ONS officials shows that nearly 79 percent of COVID-19 positive patients have coronavirus without symptoms and normally they do not show any illness signs when they are tested for the virus but they will be infectious to other people when surrounded in public.

The death rate due to coronavirus in the UK is only second to the US in the world and the rate is expected to be much higher when the data from death certificates for May will be collected.

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