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 No Death by Coronavirus in the UK Reported in Last Few Days

The death rate due to coronavirus in the UK has significantly reduced over the past couple of weeks. Numerous hospitals in the country have reported zero coronavirus deaths within 48 hours. The recent data has revealed that there were no deaths related to coronavirus reported over the weekend in 69 hospitals in England.

The researchers from Oxford University analyzed the data provided by NHS England from 69 trusts. The data shows that more than 50 percent of the hospitals recorded no deaths due to Covid-19 over the past few days. Three of the hospitals have recorded no coronavirus related deaths for a week in England.

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The Hillingdon hospital has reported zero deaths since May 13 while Whittington reported no deaths since May 19. The North Middlesex hospital has reported no deaths since May 20.

According to the data, 13 hospital trusts, which makes up 10 percent in the entire UK did not report any death in an entire week.

The two researchers from The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Professor Jason Oke and Professor Carl Heneghan warned to remain cautious while analyzing this data. They said that there were only a few numbers of deaths over the weekend as the presence of staff members in the hospital is very low.

The Office of National Statistics also usually reports more deaths than that of the hospitals. 789 patients of coronavirus are currently being treated in the hospitals of London as announced by the government. This is the lowest number of patients recorded since the first data was announced on March 20 earlier this year.

The lockdown started from March 23 due to coronavirus in the UK. Since then, the alert level of the country has not reduced from 4. The schools are stills reopening at this high alert level.

The new Joint Biosecurity Centre set this alert which shows that the coronavirus is still circulating in the population. Also, the transmission rate of the virus is high. The alert level is now reducing to level 3 which indicates that the virus is still in circulation but the transmission rate has reduced. However, the level has not reduced yet.

The official spokesman of Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the R-rate of the virus, which indicates how many people an infected person can further infect will again reach more than 1 that will cause an exponential rise in the transmission of the virus.

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The deaths of 115 patients due to coronavirus have been recorded in England after the ease in lockdown. The total number of deaths due to coronavirus in the UK recorded is 30,964 for the patients who lost their lives in hospitals. 108 more deaths related to coronavirus have been reported in the hospitals of England which makes the total number of 26,722 reported fatalities in England.

The number of deaths due to Covid-19 is less during the past couple of days but the government advises the public to be cautiously optimistic. The R-rate of the virus is still high and the transmission of the virus has not reduced which poses a high risk of the increase in the number of patients.

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