The Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes Ever

There are thousands of weight loss products in the market, each one of which comes with individual promises. Irrespective of how these products play an online scam and who is a victim, here is a real thing. Weight loss is simple; diet and exercise. But if a person doesn’t lose any weight, it means there is something hindering with this process. People do all sorts of crazy things to get instant results. From a crash diet to extreme workout, everything fails because they don’t account for a healthy weight loss. here is a list of the biggest weight loss mistakes that make it impossible to lose weight.

Extreme calorie limitation

The first thing to note is that there is a big difference between healthy weight loss and crash diet. The former means to reduce calorie intake to such a low level that makes it hard for a person to gain any energy. Often this crash diet plan leads to serious health problems I .e.metabolic disorders. This is why a person should never go out of the way to weight loss diets and starve himself. This is the number one reason in the biggest weight loss mistakes that a person makes.

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Too much exercise

Many people don’t believe this but exercise is not always good for a person. Especially for a person who is on a restricted-calorie diet, doing too much exercise is rather damaging. This risk is higher for someone who likes to lift weights for fat burning. Yes, weight training has amazing health and weight benefits but over-doing is never a good idea.  This too much exercise means supersets as well as less or no resting periods while exercising.

Excessive cardio from day one

It is not common in regular gym-lovers. But the ‘seasonal’ gym members often do this- overdoing the cardio when they start their weight loss journey. Of course cardio makes a person loses weight but the real problem is when the person spends hours doing cardio.  Instead of weight loss benefits, this excessive cardio is rather one of the biggest weight loss mistakes. The duration of cardio should be reasonable as per a person’s strength and his target weight loss. Otherwise, it would weaken the muscles and the person would feel no stamina or strength to do the other exercises.

Low carbohydrate and low-fat diet plans

Although these diet plans are highly popular these days it is not a 100% healthy way to lose weight. It is true that the body needs energy to operates all its functions and when a person restricts the carbs and fat both, there is no way for it to happen. Protein also helps to provide energy but this energy production is a less effective process.

That is why, for a healthy weight loss, try to incorporate a sufficient amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and a combination of these in routine.

Not tracking the weight loss

Either it is calorie intake or the weight reading or even the body measurements, if a person is on a weight-loss track, he must keep a record of it. It is easy to review the progress by going through the track records. If there is a hindrance, stoppage, or low rate of weight loss, a person can timely take a good strategy to be on the constant weight loss track.

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It is necessary to know the daily calorie intake of a person and the training required to burn fat. Only knowing these details would help for an effective weight loss. A person can either go for reducing/increasing the calories or the workout time as per this performance track if needed.

There is no secret of weight loss, other than following the healthy measures and avoiding the biggest weight loss mistakes. Putting it all together would help a person to maintain his weight while feeling active, energetic, and free from diseases in the future.


Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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