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China will Send its First Spacecraft to Mars this Summer

China has emerged as a powerful country after defeating the recent pandemic and now it is striving to become a space superpower. The program director for its mission to Mars has revealed that China will launch this project in the next couple of months. This is the first time that a Chinese spacecraft to Mars would land there.

The head of the space program of China, Bao Weimin said that China will launch its Tianwen-1 spacecraft in July or August. The Long March-5 rocket will carry the Chinese spacecraft to Mars and it will reach there in February of the next year.

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) has claimed that the rocket used for its mission to Mars will be the most powerful rocket in China. Long March-5 rocket was used for a test flight conducted by China in December.

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China used its rocket to send an astronaut in space in the year 2003. The successful mission put China third on the list after the United States and the Soviet Union of that time. The country has been trying to catch up with its competitors since then.

Bao is an academic and space expert from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He confirmed the plan of China to conquer the red planet. He said that the project will be launched this summer and the Chinese spacecraft to Mars will be launched using the Long March-5 rocket.

He is the director of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) as well. Mr. Bao said that China will land its machine on Mars to analyze the surroundings and surface of the red planet. He said that the spacecraft will reach the orbit of Mars in February and it will spin in its gravitational field.

The probe will be remote controlled which consists of a rover, an orbiter, and a lander which will help the machine land on the surface of Mars. The orbiter of the Tianwen-1 spacecraft will fly in the orbit of the red planet while the lander will be used to release the rover. The robotic rover will be used to explore and patrol for research on the planet.

The rover will complete its operation in roughly 3 months or 90 days at Mars. R Bao said that the significant part of the mission is that the gravitational field of the planet captures the orbiter. The next step will be the landing of the machine which only takes a few minutes.

China conducted a successful landing test of the rover in last November. The mission of exploration of Mars has been named after a Chinese poem as “Questions to Heaven”.

China is looking forward to several missions in the coming years which includes sending their astronaut to the moon. The country is also pursuing a space station on Moon by the year 2022.

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China was successful in January of the previous year in another mission of landing its rover on the Moon’s dark side. They were the first country to be successful in this mission.

The United States also intends to send its vehicles to Mars which will reach around the same time as China in the next year. China is pursuing its several space missions to excel in the race of becoming a space superpower after sending the Chinese spacecraft to Mars for the first time.

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