Spain Sees Zero COVID-19 Deaths In 24 Hours For The First Time Since March

Health authorities have reported zero coronavirus deaths in Spain over the last 24 hours which is the first time to see a decline in cases since March. The officials have reported that there had been only 71 new cases in the period of 24-hour.  Fernando Simon, who is the emergency health response Chief calls this death-free period as an encouraging sign. He added the country is finally doing good as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

The statistical experts are showing a good prediction. The last time when there were no coronavirus deaths in Spain was in the month of March, with the first two deaths related to coronavirus were reported on the 3rd of March. After these death reports, the country has seen a tense situation in terms of new cases and deaths raising the death toll to 950 deaths by coronavirus within one day on 2nd April.

The report by John Hopkins University says that the country has reported 240,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and nearly 27,127 confirmed deaths. In May, the country started to ease the lockdown starting with the permission of allowing any one type of an exercise on a daily basis.

The government has divided the permitted exercise into the rota system, people were allowed to go outside from 8 pm to 11 pm or 6 am and 10 am. In total, there have been confirmed 239,228 coronavirus cases, more than half (123,987) of which needed hospitalizations. The Health Ministry reported that 5 1,482 healthcare workers had been infected with the COVID-19 and at least 63 coronavirus deaths in Spain.

Some areas in the country have introduced social distancing protocols for beach to keep people away from each other hence preventing coronavirus spread.

Spain, along with Britain, Italy and France were among the countries which are worst hit by the novel coronavirus. As countries slowly started easing the strict lockdown measures, authorities are also urging the locals to follow precautionary measures and exercise caution.

France, like Spain, has experienced a sharp decline in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths. The French health ministry said that 31 coronavirus deaths were recorded in the past 24 hours in hospitals. In France, the total of 28,836 people has died due to deadly coronavirus since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. As the country started reopening parks, restaurants, bars and beaches, the ministry said that good news should not make us forget the risk and danger of this deadly virus, saying that the restrictions must not be eased too quickly.

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The British government has been criticized for its slow response to the novel coronavirus outbreak. The country has the highest death toll (at 39,127) from the COVID-19 in Europe and 277,738 confirmed cases have been reported since the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Despite its high number, Britain reported the lowest number of Covid-19 deaths since the end of March.

Professor Neil Ferguson, speaking at a House of Lords Science and Technology Committee meeting said that transmission from Spain and Italy in late February and early March meant the COVid-19 epidemic was further ahead than modelers have foreseen.

He added that one thing the genetic data is showing now is most chains of the virus transmission still existing in the United Kingdom originated in Spain and Italy.

Mr. Ferguson, who is an epidemiologist and was forced to quit his job as the United Kingdom government adviser for breaking lockdown rules in May, said the rate of coronavirus deaths in Spain had reached the higher levels because of the illness had shown up more rapidly as initially thought.

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