New Community Infections of Coronavirus in Singapore Reported

With millions of coronavirus cases reported globally, Singapore is not behind in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. The cases of coronavirus in Singapore reached more than 36,000. The total cases of coronavirus cases in Singapore have crossed 36,400.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) of Singapore said that seven new coronavirus cases are tested positive in the community. One of the infected individuals was local. Three of them were work pass holders while the rest of the three were work permit holders.

The local case reported was a Singaporean woman. She is an 84-year-old woman and unlinked to the cases of coronavirus in Singapore. Her coronavirus test came positive on June 2. She started experiencing coronavirus symptoms from May 29.

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 The Ministry of Health said that the epidemiological investigations of the cases are in progress. The rest of the six cases are in isolation and quarantined earlier. These cases were linked to previous infections. The authorities have identified another two clusters at dormitories located at 12 Kwong Min Road and the other one at 8 Tuas South Lane.

A cluster was identified earlier at the dormitory located at 1 North Coast Drive. The dormitory has been closed now since no new coronavirus cases are found linked to the cluster. The coronavirus stayed in isolation for 28 days which accounts for two incubation periods of the virus.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of infected individuals who have recovered is 23,582. Recently, another 407 patients of coronavirus in Singapore are discharged from their isolation centers and hospital facilities.

Currently, there are 334 Covid-19 cases admitted in the hospital. Most of the patients are in stable condition and not critically ill. Five coronavirus patients need treatment in the intensive care unit as they are severely infected.

The MOH said that 12,465 coronavirus patients have mild symptoms of the infection or asymptomatic. These coronavirus patients are currently in isolation centers and community care facilities are taking care of them.

The Ministry of Health has also reported the screening of nearly 39,000 members of the pre-school staff. On Wednesday, another serological test came positive which is possibly a previous infection of coronavirus. The epidemiological studies indicate that 13 members of the preschool staff had coronavirus infection. This also includes the serological tests reported positive.

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The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing showed that 14 members of the staff were coronavirus positive. Only one of these infections was possibly a current infection as announced previously. The situation of coronavirus in Singapore has improved. As a result, the country has entered the first phase of ease in lockdown. The authorities have also allowed the local business to open while following the necessary protocols.

Most public places such as barbershops, bookstores, salons, and mosques will resume their activities from this week. Last week, the Minister of National Development, Lawrence Wong said that the second phase of ease in lockdown will begin in late June. If the cases of coronavirus in Singapore remain stable, life will possibly resume to normalcy within a few weeks.

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