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NHS Worker Meets her Daughters After Two Months of Coronavirus Pandemic

The health workers are on the frontline of fighting during this coronavirus pandemic due to which they have isolated themselves from their families. An NHS worker, Suzie Vaughan is a 43 mother to two daughters. She spent nearly two months away from her family while she was serving at the hospital facility.

Suzie has two daughters; the elder one Bella is nine years old and Hettie who is seven years old. Her video of reuniting with her family after nearly two months has gone viral on the internet. Her kids were living with Suzie’s sister, Charolette for nine weeks.

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She surprised her daughters when she snuck up behind them while they were watching their laptops. The mother asked them what they were watching on the laptop.

The daughters were surprised to see their mother after almost two months. She embraced both of them as her daughters screamed in joy.

Ms. Vaughan said that she made the difficult choice of keeping her daughters away from her. She said that she was afraid if she will infect her daughters with the virus if they live with her during this coronavirus pandemic. The experience was tiring for her mentally as well as physically.

Suzie did not even spend her birthday with the family as she was continuously working at the hospital facility. She had a 12-hour shift in the intensive care unit of the hospital every day. She spent her days connecting with her girls via social media and calling them every single day.

They also sent texts to each other every morning and night. Hettie said that it was extremely difficult for her to stay away from her mother for so long.

Suzie and her daughters will spend a whole week together. The next week the daughters will return to their school. Bella said that she was proud to see her mother working at the hospital but staying away from her made her feel homesick.

Ms. Vaughan said that the coronavirus patients are still coming to NHS but the number of cases has decreased. She also wears complete PPE to protect herself from the virus. She said that as a mother she just wanted the safety of her daughters. She was always thinking about her daughters which helped her get through the day.

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Suzie worked at the hospital for additional hours and also facilitated others who needed help. She has also requested people to follow the rules associated with the lockdown to minimize the spread of the virus.

She said that people like her are sacrificing their time with their family to take care of the patients. Normally people do not understand the sacrifice you make until they experience it themselves, she added. She advised the people to limit their interactions to reduce the transmission of coronavirus.

The ease in coronavirus pandemic’s lockdown has somehow led people to return to their everyday life. Stability in the number of coronavirus cases is seen in previous days due to which the government is taking steps to reopen business and many public places.

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The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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