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What is Causing US to Suffer from a Constant Coronavirus Plateau?

The health experts believe that the reason behind the US to go through this consistent coronavirus plateau is the regional outbreaks with inward progression. Looking closely at coronavirus in US cases tells that most of them emerged from coastal areas and major cities and then they started to move to other areas.

After lifting the safety lockdown from major cities, there is a huge rise in coronavirus cases along with an almost neglect of following social distancing protocols that still apply. Mainly because it is hard to follow these guidelines as they bring economic recession risk, many people believe that this viral threat might be overstated.

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Tom Frieden, an ex-official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that probably the huge area and population of the US is making it difficult to control this virus’s spread as the infection is at different levels in different parts of the country.

Coronavirus cases in the USA are increasing every day and health workers are all set to conduct screening tests without requiring any pre-conditions. Frieden who now serves as the CEO of a non-profit organization called “Resolve to Save Lives” also adds that probably the control measures were not robust which is why the virus spread to every place

More than 50% of the cases in the US are within New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts but right now, the Midwest and southeast states are reporting more cases. One reason behind this increase could be insufficient testing, tracing the contact history, and isolation strategy as well. However, to this date, the US has conducted more coronavirus screening tests than every country that has reported this deadly virus.

New York City is now open after nearly eight weeks of lockdown. This new phase is the first of the four-phase plan for resuming all the activities in NYC. It has probably the highest number of cases, which is less than cases in Germany and South Korea. However, some experts believe that this information is incomplete as the testing should be as per the pandemic size and not a standard number of tests. It also suggests that a large population is still infected but not reported due to the lack of testing facilities.

The researchers from John Hopkins say that the pandemic is the worst for the US which is why it needs better and bigger preventive and control plans than every other country. As of this day, the positivity rate for the US is 14% means that 14% of all tests conducted are coming coronavirus positive. The World Health Organization guideline says that the 5% positivity rate for at least two weeks is necessary before relaxing the social distancing guidelines.

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Even after increasing the testing facility there a risk that the virus doesn’t just end here. The next challenge is to identify and isolate the positive cases and trace their contact history to warn other people who might as well be infected. One example of coronavirus plateau is Texas which has reported a rapid increase in cases after easing the lockdown.

In addition to this, this lockdown is affecting the mental health of the people in a really bad way. People are tired and bored of lockdowns and many of them can not afford to live without going outside and earn to buy food and accessories. So staying at home is more of a luxury for them. All in all, the coronavirus plateau ha sits own reasons and they are kind of true. Without justifying and solving these background issues, there is no way to tell the future of coronavirus pandemic in the USA.

Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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