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Zoos and Safari Parks Will Reopen Next Week in the UK

The Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson announced to lift the coronavirus lockdown in the UK despite the active cases in the country. The government opened many public spots during the last weeks in phases of ease in lockdown.

The zoos and animal conservation parks closed during the lockdown. Hence, the animal conservationists persuaded the government to open the zoos as well. The Prime Minister gave in to the pressure and he will announce to open the zoos from 15 June.

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Other public attractions including safari parks will also open from the coming Monday. The authorities also allowed to reopen drive-in cinemas as the risk of transmission of coronavirus in these spots is very low.

The Prime Minister will announce the rules for ease in lockdown this week. During the announcement, he will address the protective measures and social distancing among the public to minimize the transmission of coronavirus.

The health and medical experts advised the government about reopening public recreational spots. They recommended keeping the indoor reptile houses closed so that social distancing is ensured among people. The cafes will also remain closed but takeaway will be available for people.

An official from Downing Street said that people are following the guidelines issued by the health experts. He also said the people made significant sacrifices during the coronavirus lockdown in the UK to contain the spread of the virus.

He also said that the authorities are reopening public attractions where it is safe to reopen. The health experts also suggested reopening these locations if the public ensures social distancing.

He said that reopening these locations will provide recreational activities to families outside their homes and uplift the economy that went downhill during the coronavirus lockdown. The authorities are carefully monitoring the coronavirus situation and it will also support the animal conservation industry.

The MPs wanted to warn the Prime Minister about the adverse situation of zoos and safari parks on Thursday. They planned to urge the government to reopen these locations as the animals will not survive for a long time under the lockdown. However, Boris Johnson already announced the reopening of zoos before a debate of House of Common in which the MPs planned to address the situation.

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Mr. Johnsons’s father, Stanley is the president of the Gorilla Organization. He said that zoos help in the conservation of endangered species and work for the wellbeing of various animals.

The Secretary of Health, Matt Hancock praised the Chester Zoo and said that he is also from Chester so it is very close to him. He warned the authorities that keeping the zoo closed for any longer will close the zoo permanently with a heaping debt.

Alok Sharma, the business secretary confirmed that the non-essential shops will also resume their business from Monday. However, these local retails will remain open given that they make sure that customers are social distancing inside their shops.

Other public locations such as bars, pubs, barbershops, and restaurants will open on July 4. Mr. Sharma did not confirm when the authorities will relax the social distancing rules. However, reopening these locations after the coronavirus lockdown in the UK is a huge step for the UK government.

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