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UK Government Relaxed Lockdown for People Living Alone

The coronavirus lockdown in the UK further eased when Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently made an announcement. He allowed single-person households to join each other during this time of crisis. This will also allow couples to live together from now. This policy is only applicable if one of the households has one adult.

These new rules will also allow the elderly to live with their children and grandchildren amid the coronavirus outbreak. The coronavirus lockdown harmed the mental health of many individuals. The people who live alone were particularly affected.

This policy will also help single parents to divide their everyday duties. But the grandparents will not be able to visit their children together in case there is more than one person in a house.

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The good news comes for the couples who were living apart for months. Hence, the sex ban implemented earlier this month will be lifted as well.

The Prime Minister announced that public recreational sports such as zoos, safari parks, and drive-in cinemas will open as a part of relaxing the lockdown. Not essential shops will also reopen from Monday while following the social distancing rules inside the shops.

The pubs will, however, remain closed for an undefined time. Meanwhile, the authorities allowed individual worship in churches and mosques.

These measures will help people living in isolation for months. The economy also faced a huge crisis due to the coronavirus lockdown. The reopening of business and public location will immensely help uplift the economy.

Mr. Johnson said that he is aware of the situation of people living by themselves without their family. The government is making this policy to help those who are struggling to live in isolation. The restrictions implemented by the officials are to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

The government plans to safely reopen in phases so that the coronavirus cases do not surge suddenly. The latest plan is only for people who live alone in a household. The families with two parents are not allowed to visit each other at their homes. The single-unit households can form a support bubble with another family.

The plan also mentions that if one person in a support bubble is tested coronavirus positive, the rest of the support bubble will also isolate themselves.

The authorities are aware that a lot of people will not benefit from this policy. The government plans to ease the coronavirus lockdown safely so that they do not experience a second wave of the coronavirus.

Boris Johnson also announced that he will try to reopen schools by September. He said that the government is reopening schools at a slower pace as advised by the experts.

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The Prime Minister said that reopening schools is a priority for the government. But they also need to consider the safety of the children. The transmission rate of coronavirus is still high and people need to follow the social distancing rules.

Huge progress in ease in coronavirus lockdown occurred during this week. The government reopened most of the business in the country with the hope of returning to a normal life while following the preventive guidelines for coronavirus.

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