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Coronavirus Cases in Burundi on Rise as the President Nkurunziza Loses his Life

While coronavirus pandemic is killing millions of people around the world, a lot of people are still in denial of the global pandemic. Most of these people deny the existence of coronavirus and later suffer the consequences. A prominent death of a government official due to the same reason occurred recently. The president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza consistently denied that there is the existence of coronavirus in Burundi. He died recently due to a heart attack, according to the official statement.

The coronavirus pandemic hit Africa later than most of the countries of the world. In the meantime, most African governments took solid steps to prevent a disaster from happening. The delay in the outbreak helped the African people to devise policies to prevent economic downfall.

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The anti-coronavirus policies worked in most of the African communities. They were successful in fighting against the coronavirus at least for the time being. This helped keep the coronavirus death rate in Africa to the minimum.

On the contrary, the President of Burundi had different plans for his country. He consistently supported public events throughout the year and allowed public gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic. He also went against the global health experts and denied the existence of Covid-19 in Burundi.

The government of Burundi also lets the health experts from the World Health Organization leave their country. On the other hand, most of the countries in the world are desperate to get advice from global experts. The WHO coronavirus team left Burundi on its own after they were asked to leave the country.

A government spokesperson said that the coronavirus will not affect the people of Burundi because of their religious beliefs. He said that God will protect them from the deadly virus which makes them safe from the pandemic. The spokesperson made this statement earlier in March when the death toll was rising in different parts of the world.

The government of Burundi conducted only 400 coronavirus tests for a population of 11.8 million. The official number of coronavirus cases in the country is 85 and only one death due to the infection. However, these numbers seem misleading due to the very limited number of coronavirus tests done by the authorities.

The President of Burundi, Nkurunziza took his last breath while going to a hospital. He was a 55-year-old man and his government lasted for 15 years in Burundi. His tenure was going to end later in August.

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The official statement of the government states that Nkurunziza died of a heart attack in the hospital. But his wife was infected earlier and got treated for the coronavirus in Kenya. Hence, people suspect that he died due to coronavirus infection instead of a heart attack.

If the suspects are valid, he unknowingly spread the coronavirus to several other people. Also, his policies during the pandemic are the main cause of the spread of the coronavirus in Burundi. The authorities also reported that Nkurunziza went to a volleyball match on the same day he was hospitalized.

Currently, the number of cases of coronavirus in Burundi is still a mystery as the government conducted a limited number of tests for a huge population. Also, if Nkurunziza died of coronavirus, he is the first government head in the world to die of Covid-19.


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