What Is the Cost of Coronavirus Treatment?

The coronavirus pandemic broke the backbone of the economy when various countries shut down their businesses. The world saw a wave of unemployment as many people lost their jobs during the outbreak. In the meantime, the high cost of coronavirus treatment is a great worry for a lot of people.

Most of the people infected with coronavirus do not need to be hospitalized. While other people have severe symptoms and need a healthcare facility. The people who require intensive care for coronavirus treatment usually stay at the hospital for about 15 o 20 days.

America’s Health Insurance Plans is an insurers group. The group released a study regarding the cost of treatment for a coronavirus patient. The finding of the study suggested that a hospitalized COVID patient requires to pay at least $30,000.

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Currently, there are at least 27 million US citizens who do not have an insurance plan. A report was released by Fair Health which is a database of healthcare costs. The report considered the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy. It also suggested that six days stay at the hospital will cost $73,300 on average as a cost of coronavirus treatment. This cost is for people who do not have insurance.

This report included data from 18 million individuals who are under the age of 65. These people use employer health plans. The data suggested that people with a healthcare plan pay almost $38,000 for the treatment. This is the medical bill people receive on average for a stay of about six days.

This is, however, not the actual cost of the treatment. Usually, the health care providers negotiate this amount with the insurance plan.

Danny Askinsi is a resident of the Boston area. She does not have an insurance plan and tested positive for the coronavirus. She received a medical bill of $40,000 for her test and coronavirus treatment.

Two other people who were coronavirus negative got tested and received other treatments related to the infection. They received a medical bill of $3,000. A lot of the Americans cannot afford this high cost of treatment amid a pandemic.

In this situation, the government of the US presented a cost-effective plan for the patients. Trump administration proposed to cover the cost of treatment for COVID-19 for uninsured patients. Karyn Schwartz from the Kaiser Family Foundation said that the patients can visit hospitals without worrying about a huge medical bill.

Several labs are charging $100 for the coronavirus test. This policy will also cover the cost of the coronavirus test. According to this plan, uninsured people will not receive thousands of dollars’ worth of medical bills. Some of them also have access to free healthcare facilities.

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The coronavirus has already killed hundreds and thousands of individuals in the US and millions affected. The situation is only getting worse with time in different states. The huge medical bills at this time are a nuisance for those receiving treatment.

Some people develop severe symptoms of coronavirus infection and need a breathing ventilator. Those people have to pay extra than the actual cost of coronavirus treatment. This cost is out of pocket for a lot of individuals who merely afford their everyday life.

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