Does Warm Weather Have an Effect on Coronavirus Transmission?

Recently, researchers team conducted a study to see the effects of temperature on the spread of coronavirus. They observed the transmission of coronavirus in high temperatures and moisture. The findings of the study show that the novel virus does not spread as much in specific conditions. These conditions include high temperature and high humidity in the environment.

The researchers collected the data which shows the effects of these factors on coronavirus. The spread of Covid-19 reduces with even one-degree Celsius rise in temperature. It also decreases with a 1% increase in relative humidity.

The study included data from 100 different cities in China. These cities had on average 40 coronavirus cases reported between January 21 to January 23. The researchers collected this data before China implemented preventive measures in the country. Therefore, they needed data without any external intervention in the spread of coronavirus.

The study shows that high temperatures and high relative humidity decreased the prevalence of the virus. The researchers gathered this data in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak.

The authors wrote in the paper that the warmer countries saw the limited spread of Covid-19. These countries include Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia which have comparatively high temperatures and moisture in the air. Other countries such as Japan, Iran, and Korea had more severe outbreaks which are less warm.

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Some experts showed their concern over this research. They are skeptical that these results are not accurate. Marc Lipsitch, who is an epidemiology professor at Harvard University said that the high environmental temperature will not significantly contain the coronavirus outbreak.

Several infectious disease experts also said that UV light plays a contributing factor in controlling the spread of coronavirus. UV light can effectively eliminate other coronavirus strains. So, they are hopeful that the UV rays will also affect the novel coronavirus.

The experts suggested that the major contributing factors in the control of Covid-19 include proper hygiene. Regular handwashing with soap and social distancing is far more important than warm weather. These preventive guidelines are effective against the virus depending upon how effectively people follow them.

The team of researchers said that the coronavirus transmission depends upon numerous factors. These include the different climate of every country, the population of the country, and basic health care facilities.

Many health experts are, however, skeptical of this study. According to health experts, coronavirus is not like any other seasonal virus such as influenza virus. Warm weather will probably not kill the virus but it might limit the spread of coronavirus to some extent.

Previously, President Donald Trump also commented that the virus will burn out during summer. But the coronavirus is only spreading further with time in the US. The most effective way so far to limit its spread is maintaining social distance.

Also, the experts suggest wearing a protective mask as much as you can. They also recommend washing hands regularly multiple times a day. Some countries are also gradually lifting the lockdown to reopen businesses. In the meantime, it is necessary to follow precautionary guidelines to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

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