Is There a Second Wave of Coronavirus in the US Coming?

Currently, the most discussed issue in the media is whether there is a second wave of coronavirus in the US. The answer is not very clear as the number of Covid-19 cases is increasing day by day. The American states started reopening business a while ago. Since then, there is a surge in the cases of coronavirus.

The rate of new COVID infections increased over the past week. Nine states reported more cases in hospitals after an ease in lockdown. 21 states reported an increase in the number of new cases.

China also reopened the business and tourism industry after they controlled the spread of coronavirus. However, the cases surged once again after people returned to normalcy. Mike Ryan is the executive director of the Health Emergencies Programme at the World Health Organisation (WHO). He said that this surge in cases is not exactly the second wave of coronavirus.

He also said that most countries of the world are still going through the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic. The spike seen in cases once again after the lockdown is not a second wave.

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Most health experts consider this spike as another wave of the infections. A lot of the countries already went through the peak of the number of coronavirus infections. But the numbers of cases are increasing once again which is due to several different reasons.

Ryan later defined the second wave of infection. He said that the second wave occurs if the spread of infection decreases to a very low number. Then it remains stable for a long period and rises again after some months.

He said that this rise in cases is mainly due to reopening business in different countries. People are interacting without following strict preventive guidelines. Also, any people are not following the essential social distancing rules. Hence, the cases of coronavirus increase once again.

The reemergence of coronavirus infections after a lockdown is not a surprise. The experts predicted an increase in coronavirus cases as restaurants and businesses reopen once again. This, however, is not the second wave of coronavirus.

Michael Pence, the Vice President of the US said that most states have less than 10% new cases of coronavirus. He also said that the number of COVID cases reduced over the past 15 days. As compared to a previous couple of months, the death rate also decreased.

Previously, the rate of coronavirus cases reported per day was approximately 30,000 in April. It dropped to 25,000 cases in May and now the average dropped to 20,000 cases per day over the past two weeks.

The US collectively conducted 23 million coronavirus tests across different states. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention labs and other health facilities in the US collectively performed about 8,000 coronavirus tests by February. Now, the number of coronavirus tests reached nearly 500,000 tests per day this week.

The health experts advised the public to follow preventive guidelines to keep the COVID cases in control. The authorities denied the second wave of coronavirus in the US.  According to the experts, the surge seen over the past weeks is mainly due to people returning to normalcy after a long period of lockdown.

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