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Chinese Mother Gives Birth to Twin Brothers, 10 Years Apart

A Chinese mother from Hubei has given birth to a baby boy after using a frozen embryo which was 10 years old. This is the same embryo that she used in IVF treatment for her elder son, 10 years ago. Technically these two sons are twin brothers but born with a gap of a decade.

The mother, 41 years old woman, Ms. Wang was into fertility treatments for long. Finally, in 2009, she was able to conceive after five years. But the doctors who treated her implanted “a bunch of embryos” from the same donor’s sperms and the same eggs. Only of them were used in this implantation and the rest were stored as frozen sperms.

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Ms. Wang gave birth to her elder son, whom she calls Lu Lu (a nickname), in June of 2010. This baby boy was born at Hubei Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital. Last week, her younger son, Tong Tong (means the same same in English) was born in the same hospital where her elder son was born.

Medically, both Lu Lu and Tong Tong are twins, as confirmed by a medical practitioner from the fertility center, dr. Zheng Jie. But he didn’t give any other details of these twin brothers. However, he did mention that these both share the same birth weight of 3.48 kilograms (nearly 7.7 pounds) which is surprisingly accurate.

This twin brother’s case was all over the media through the hospital’s official post on social media. Ms. Wang experienced a number of miscarriages before she considered IVF treatment to be a mother. She was a patient of Dr.Zheng who diagnosed that Ms. Wang is suffering from a fallopian tube blockage which is causing problems in her pregnancy attempts.

Together Ms. Wang and her husband chose IVF treatment in 2009 and within a year, she became a mother to a healthy baby boy. Although the IVF treatment is not much popular in central China still Miss Wang was hopeful to try it.

It is not uncommon for a couple to go for another IVF baby, after having one before. But for Ms. Wang and her husband, the reason was that Lu Lu wanted another brother or sister in their family.

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Instead of trying a new clinic or doctor, the couple went to the same doctor and fertility clinic for a second pregnancy. The fertility clinic and the doctor were honest with the couple throughout this procedure for the chance of pregnancy. As Ms. Wang is slightly above the medically ideal age for pregnancy in women, she was clear about her risks.

Surprisingly, the frozen embryo from a decade ago was again implanted in her in the next couple of days. As a result of that, Ms. Wang was pregnant and via C-Section her son younger was born on June 16th.

The medical experts are calling this duo as distant twin brothers, which took nearly 10 years to meet each other. Considering the similarities between both sons, the couple decided to call their younger one as ‘Tong Tong’ (a nickname) that means similar one in the Chinese language.

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