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A 13-day-old Infant Lost Life to the Deadly Coronavirus Infection in the UK

Recently, 135 patients died due to coronavirus in the UK. One is these patients was a mere 13-days-old baby, according to NHS. The baby did not have any previous health conditions. The total number of deaths in the UK reached 42,228. This includes deaths that occurred in hospitals and other care homes.

The number of patients of coronavirus in the UK crossed 300,000 after the latest cases. Later, another 1,218 patients tested positive for the coronavirus. This makes the total number of cases 300,469 diagnosed with coronavirus.

England also reported 62 new coronavirus related deaths. Wales reported another five deaths due to the virus while Scotland reported two new deaths. The experts believe that thousands of other people also died of coronavirus. However, these people were not tested for the coronavirus. Hence, these fatalities are not reported as COVID deaths.

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The statistics show that children are less vulnerable to severe symptoms of coronavirus. It is more prevalent in older people. But the disease killed nearly 20 youngsters. All of these deaths are of people aged below 20.

The 13-days-old baby died in Sheffield children’s hospital. He came to the hospital with a severe infection of coronavirus. The hospital did not reveal the gender of the baby. Also, it is not yet known how the baby developed the coronavirus infection. It is one of the youngest deaths due to coronavirus in the UK.

A 13-year-old coronavirus patient, Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab died due to coronavirus in March. He did not have any underlying health conditions and he died in a hospital.

Another baby of only three days died earlier in May due to the coronavirus infection. The baby’s mother developed the coronavirus infection after which the baby did not survive. The baby, Coolio Carl Justin Morgan was the youngest baby to die of coronavirus. His mother diagnosed with coronavirus before his birth.

A child of six weeks also died in May due to coronavirus infection. But he already suffered from other health conditions. The youngest child to die of coronavirus without any health conditions was Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab.

The recent deaths of children showed symptoms of a condition similar to Kawasaki disease. The disease is most prevalent in children. The major symptoms of this illness include a sudden rise in temperature and allergy. The child develops a rash and his limbs become swollen. Also, the eyes become sore and dehydrated tongue and lips.

Imperial College London recently led a study about this disease. The study published earlier in June. This particular condition is different from Kawasaki disease. It is a rare condition in children but sometimes fatal.

The researchers are unsure if this disease is due to coronavirus infection. 58 children in total showed the symptoms of this illness. 45 out of those had a coronavirus infection or recovered from it. The researchers also said that it is highly unlikely that the disease emerged during the coronavirus pandemic. They suspect that this disease is prevalent in children due to coronavirus.

The increasing number of cases of coronavirus in the UK particularly in the children is an alarming situation. The doctors are also on high alert due to the current situation.

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