Coronaphobia Makes a Couple to Use Face Mask and Gloves During Sex

The coronavirus pandemic significantly changed the lives of many people over the past few months. One of those people is Melanie, a 26-year-old nursing assistant. Melanie developed a great fear of getting the coronavirus infection. She is so fearful of the virus that Melanie and her boyfriend Joe, wear personal protective equipment every time they have sex.

She also thoroughly cleans her room afterward and puts the bed covers, towels, pillowcases in a separate plastic bag. Then, she uses a mattress sanitizer to disinfect the bed and put fresh new sheets on the bed. Melanie also disinfects her fresh sheets twice before putting them again.

Melanie also cleans the bathroom thoroughly and disinfect every exposed surface. Her house mostly smells like a hospital due to the constant use of bleach and disinfectants. Joe, however, takes it as a positive sign whenever he smells a disinfectant.

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She is also very conscious of Joe cleaning himself properly before they make love. He takes a shower every time with a high-grade disinfecting soap. Also, he constantly uses hand sanitizer to keep himself germs free.

Melanie said that she does not like disinfecting everything because of some fetish. She is seriously concerned about contracting the coronavirus. According to Melanie, she has major coronaphobia.

She said that her cleaning the house constantly is due to the coronavirus pandemic. She used to enjoy sex with Joe before the lockdown. They routinely did it every night but now it became less often and for a shorter time.

Her life changed completely after the coronavirus outbreak. Melanie said that she liked cleaning everything since her childhood. She was also very conscious about disinfecting everything. Also, her hands and clothes were clean all the time.

She also took special measures to keep her house clean. Her obsession with cleaning led her to join the Royal Air Force cadets. She liked their discipline and cleaning habits due to which she joined it while she was in secondary school.

She was a germophobe since her childhood and constantly cleaning everything made her feel safer. Later she joined the nursing school and her obsession with cleaning became even worse. She started studying nursing in the year 2011.

She accepted that she has major OCD when she was 18, talked to her GP about it and asked for help. Melanie joined a support group of similar people and also got cognitive therapy. She also learned about the factors which trigger her obsessive-compulsive disorder. Melanie, however, learned to live with her OCD over time.

She chose the nursing profession because she liked the clean environment of hospitals. The facility is usually very clean and disinfected which she liked.

Melanie got better with her OCD after therapy and she also helped others with similar issues. She met her boyfriend, Joe, in 2012 through mutual friends. She met him again in 2019 during a hospital conference.

Later they started dating and both enjoyed the sex equally. They also did it very frequently. Joe likes his surroundings clean as well.

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Things took a turn when Joe got a dry cough earlier in March this year. The doctors suspected he contracted the coronavirus but the test came negative. Melanie got scared of this situation as the coronavirus pandemic kept getting worse.

After his illness, both of them took measures to take extra care of cleanliness. This includes wearing PPE during sex and they feel safer now with disinfecting everything.

The coronavirus pandemic took a toll on the mental health of a lot of people. It is even worse for people with OCD. The fear of a deadly virus present in the environment makes it difficult for them to get through their day.

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