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When Did the Coronavirus Outbreak Hit California?

The coronavirus outbreak originated in China in late December of 2019. The virus spread all over the world within the next couple of months. But some early mysterious fatalities in California raise questions if coronavirus spread remained undetected for a long time.The deaths reported due to unknown causes also include children and infants. Most of the suspected cases of coronavirus in children show distinct symptoms of the disease.

One of the victims is Jeremiah DeLap, aged 39 who died on January 7 while he was at his parent’s home in Orange County. He died within a couple of days after he showed symptoms of food poisoning.

Four days after his death, China announced its first coronavirus related death. Jeremiah’s mother, Maribeth Cortez said that everyone asked if he died from coronavirus but she did not know about it. She is looking for the answer among the other 40 victims in California. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will decide if they should test the lung samples of these patients for coronavirus.

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Orange County and Los Angeles county have nine early deaths each due to unknown causes. Kern County reported the deaths of two young women. Both of them died due to a respiratory infection linked to coronavirus. One of the women died last year on December 21.

A coronavirus positive test of any of these samples can dramatically change the narrative of coronavirus prevalence in the US. The medical examiners in California started coronavirus testing in March shortly after the death of the patient. They took a nasal swab of the deceased and tested it for the coronavirus infection.

CDC can test the missing coronavirus cases through an examination of the preserved lung tissue of the patient. The pathologists at CDC realized it months later that the coronavirus was prevalent in the United States long before they thought.

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The deaths due to coronavirus in the US began in February. The health officials at that time tried to control the outbreak by isolating the few identified cases. They also imposed a travel ban to contain the infection.

The initial reports of coronavirus infection from California and China showed very low prevalence among children. Dr. Roberta Lynn DeBiasi wrote numerous studies on the prevalence of coronavirus among children. She is also the chief pediatric division of the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C.

DeBiasi said that a lot of the children symptoms of Kawasaki disease which is a rare illness among children. The symptoms are related to coronavirus infection with high fever, rash on the body, and joint pain. Numerous children also suffered damage to organs and heart disease. He also recorded the increasing cases of coronavirus in children during May.

Until now, there is no confirmed death related to coronavirus in children in California. In April, the CDC reported three coronavirus related deaths among children in the US. The CDC did not provide any more information on the matter after that.

The coronavirus related disease in children is now called “multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children”. The pediatricians are now looking for the symptoms of this disease among the children.

There is not much information about the prevalence of coronavirus in children. However, most of the cases show distinct symptoms that can be related to the coronavirus. Moreover, the mysterious deaths earlier this year raise a serious alarm on the prevalence of coronavirus in the US.

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